Military Hero’s Widow BLATANTLY DISRESPECTED by Democrats at Trump Address – Sickening

At perhaps one of the most emotional moments of President Trump’s joint session of Congress Address on February 28th, Navy SEAL widow, Carryn Owens was recognized for her husbands sacrifice.

The tearful widow appeared overwhelmed at the recognition, and at one point appeared to say to the heavens, “I love you baby.”

Chief William “Ryan” Owens, was killed during a raid in Yemen sanctioned by the newly sworn in Trump Administration last month. The loss of the experienced officer has invited criticism from the media and the fallen soldier’s own father.

However, the most surreal, frankly disheartening moment for Americans of all political persuasions was the realization that some Democrats may have failed to acknowledge the sacrifice of Mrs. Owens and her family.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) in an interview on FOX News stated,

“It was a stunning moment we were standing up for that minute-and-a-half ovation for the widow of that Navy SEAL, and I turned back around my shoulder and I see half the room, most of them sitting down. I was just shocked by that.”

Various news outlets are contradicting the reports, including the partisan Snopes. Snopes asserts that Keith Ellison and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz did stand for at least part of the ovation, as did Bernie Sanders.

However, Snopes can not dispute other claims that various Democrats may have stood for the initial ovation but some did not remain standing for the full or second ovation.

Marco Rubio, a NAMED source, gave his eye-witness account as above. Viewers have an eye witness and a few seconds of video from the White House with which to make their decision.

As a woman, related to men and women who currently serve our country, however, I am deeply offended at the idea the people who are healthy enough to run for political office cannot find the stamina to stand for an entire one to two minute ovation. This ovation was in support of a woman and her family who literally gave all.

Regardless of political affiliation, the opportunity to support the family of a fallen solider should ALWAYS cross party lines. There should be no need for discussion regarding whether or not the behavior occurred.

This was an opportunity to show uniform support to this widow, her family, and by extension the American people. The fact that ANY Democrats may have sat for ANY portion of the ovation is inexcusable.

If more footage surfaces of any politician sitting during the ovation, it should be widely disseminated and those politicians can appropriately removed from office at the next election.

All gave some, some gave all, an honor for only the chosen. It is past time for all politicians to literally stand up and recognize, or be fired.

H/T RedState

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