Millionaire actor complains about AMERICA’S RACIST ANCESTORS on the 4th OF JULY

Damon Wayans

The 4th of July holiday usually brings out America’s patriots. Lately, it has also brought out America’s entitled social justice warriors who think America’s foudning fathers were all racist. Every once in a while, however, one of those people is a millionaire celebrity who likes spending money with those racist founding fathers on them.

Damon Wayans, Jr. is the star of “New Girl,” Disney’s Big Hero 6, and Let’s Be Cops, has made a pretty good living for himself in America. As a member of the popular Wayans family of actors and comedians, he has never really had to work for a living like you and I. However, he seems upset that his cushy lifestyle was made possible by what he calls “racist ancestors.” He took to Twitter to complain about it, as well as the “happy white people” celebrating the day.

When faced with criticism over the tweet, he claimed it was only a joke and people were taking it too seriously. “So what. Jokes aren’t illegal,” he insisted.

Here is a screenshot of his tweet. It also includes his response when someone calls him out.

Damon Wayans

The immediate backlash did not seem to faze Wayans, who refused to apologize or clarify his tweet.

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