MILO Censored With Riots By Leftist Cowards For Speech about FREE SPEECH

Milo Yiannopoulos (MILO) a Jewish, gay, and (gasp) conservative speaker, was again censored by an American university.

Violent protests erupted last night when MILO arrived at University of California, Berkeley. What were these staff-sanctioned, over-educated snowflakes protesting? The protests were to prevent MILO from presenting his point of view.

They were protesting free speech.

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This is the second protest of it’s kind by a UC school. UC Davis held less violent but still aggressive protests last month in attempt to subvert free speech.

This is what tolerance looks like at UC Berkeley,” Mike Wright of Berkeley College Republicans, the group that invited Yiannopoulos to the campus, said outside the student union building as smoke bombs went off around

The UC Campus system actually has existing policy for fighting “offensive speech” but claim to not promote censorship.

These “Principles Against Intolerance” were approved by UC regents last year as guidelines for the 10-campus system.

While violence erupted at the idea of a Jewish gay conservative coming to speak, Berkeley allowed African American student organizations to sponsor a 2012 campus visit by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, a vocal anti-Semite, with malicious views towards non-blacks under the guise of religion.

A search failed to find any violent protests regarding this hate filled visit.

All this controversy, arguments about free speech aside, is something far more sinister. This is the beginning of true fascism. If Americans refuse to learn from the past, they are doomed to repeat it.

Andy Andrews wrote an excellent essay, How Do You Kill 11 Million People?

Andrews points out that society needs to ask itself careful questions about truth. Andrews asks several good questions in his analysis of how Hitler was able to manipulate an entire country into committing genocide.

Andrews asks, What is more dangerous: politicians with ill intent, or the too-trusting population that allows such people to lead them?

In this case, UC Berkeley is setting a dangerous precedent. An opposing, or even offensive opinion should not be met with physical assault and property destruction.

Frankly, there should be no need for “Principles Against Intolerance” in a university. Universities should be places of higher learning, where horizons are expanded. The actions of Berkeley show the opposite is true. Liberal students now squash opposing opinions violently. Their world is a micro-world of intolerance and narrow views. Opposing views are met with temper tantrums of nuclear proportions.

This is not a group of students expressing free speech, this is the beginning of the death of truth. If this is not stopped, there is much worse on the horizon for America.

This is how you kill 11 million people, you change the truth, you listen to no other views. Leaders simply lie to them and the compliant simpletons willingly and blindly follow.


H/T LATimes

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