Liberal heads EXPLODE after Miss DC is crowned 2017 Miss USA despite some VERY un-PC political views (VIDEO)

miss usa 2017 kara mccollough

Miss District of Columbia was crowned Miss USA 2017 over the weekend.

The next thing that should follow such a statement should be complete indifference to beauty pageants. An exception being that you’re in them, then you should care enough for the rest of us. However, this time is different because Miss DC was crowned in spite of a couple of less than PC responses.

When asked if healthcare was a right or a privilege…

While that answer is lightyears better than saying it’s a right, the real reason it’s a privilege is that we have access to it at all. Nothing punctuates that better than this recent piece in the Washington Post about how America’s middle class lives a life that is more wealthy than that of John Rockerfeller when he became the world’s first billionaire in 1916. He had all the money in the world (almost literally) and it could buy what we would now consider to be the most basic of healthcare services. That coupled the fact that there are so many people who can’t even get water, much less an aspirin…well…healthcare is a privilege. We’ve come to take it for granted in the same way we do with electricity and running water that we have too many people (almost exclusively on the left) who have confused it for a right.

That said, in fairness to McCollough she gets a brief moment to answer such a complex question. An adequate ansewr requires explanation at length (NOT 20 seconds), and for the audience to not be as dumb as a Kardashian butt implant. Case in point:

Here is McCollough sharing her thoughts on feminism, a good answer, and better than the one on healthcare. The audio on this video is weak, so you’ll need to really turn up the volume to hear what is being said.

When I was in college I took a debate class, my partner (a man) and I had to debate two women on equal pay for women. We were on the “pro” side (we didn’t get to choose), and we lost because our female opponents basically made the same argument McCollough did. It was a classroom exercise, but the outcome was the correct one even if my partner and I had managed to out debate the ladies.

The reaction on Twitter was what one could expect. Conservatives applauded while liberals…well…

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