This Model Used Twitter to Offer $20K for Trump’s Assassination – It Didn’t Go Well

Andrea Hudson

An aspiring model appears to be the woman who tweeted out an offer of $20,000 to anyone who assassinated President Donald Trump.

The woman, identified as Andrea Hudson, used the Twitter handle “@Bossydrea26” on her account, when she offered the money to have President Trump killed. “Dumbass. I got $20,000 for anyone willing to assassinate your ass,” she tweeted at him Saturday afternoon. After she tweeted the threat, journalist Laura Loomer brought it to the attention of her followers.

Of course, threatening the President is a federal offense, something that seems to have escaped Hudson’s perception. Twitter, however, had no time for her foolishness.

Hudson’s account was suspended shortly thereafter, and it appears she spent the rest of the weekend taking down her other social media accounts, including her Facebook and Instagram accounts. However, Loomer did screenshot the tweet and sent it out to remind everyone of what she said.

As a result of the backlash over the tweet, Hudson has been in damage-control mode, shuttering her social media and keeping quiet.

Hudson also used the “Bossydrea26” handle on her Instagram account, which she took offline Sunday afternoon. It was filled with numerous pictures of her various modeling gigs. Her Facebook page, now offline, was available here.

As of Sunday evening, however, her website was still online, where the pictures show the same woman that was shown on the Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Andrea Hudson

Andrea Hudson

Hudson has issued no statement since her Twitter account was suspended.

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