‘Modern Family’ Producer Slams Christianity in Vulgar Tweet, Refuses to Apologize

Danny Zuker

Tolerance and coexistence are the hallmarks of celebrity liberalism. At least when it benefits them. The rest of the time, they are selfish, hypocritical sociopaths who lash out at those who are different. Case in point: Danny Zuker (inset in the photo above).

Zuker is the executive producer of “Modern Family,” one of the most popular and critically acclaimed comedies on television. It’s been lauded for its progressive depiction of a gay married couple with a child. In fact, the show features positive depictions of all sorts of families and different types of individuals. Except Christians. Which may explain his recent tirade against Christians on Twitter.

Danny Zuker recently joined the latest wave of liberal outrage against Donald Trump: the DACA controversy. He didn’t seem to mind it when President Obama proposed it, and immigration experts and advocates criticized it as grandstanding that did not solve the problem. Now, however, with President Trump in office, it is a crisis.

When President Trump announced he was ending the DACA program, the liberal left suddenly started caring about the issue. Ever ready to declare President Trump a racist, they jumped at the opportunity to capitalize on the moment.

Zuker, however, went one step further, using the announcement to attack Christians, who tend to vote Republican and support President Trump. He issued this tweet on Sunday night, before Trump even announced his decision.

Danny Zucker

Danny Zuker was called to the mat by a number of Twitter users, especially those who point out that many evangelical Christian leaders had lobbied President Trump to keep the program, or propose one that allowed good kids who want to be American citizens a path to legality.

He later deleted the tweet, but has so far refused to apologize. Instead, he continues to retweet pro-DACA tweets from other people, and criticize the President.

For the record, “Modern Family” airs on ABC, the same network that recently cancelled conservative Tim Allen’s comedy “Last Man Standing,” despite solid ratings.

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