Mom speaks out after daughter loses shot at advancing in track competition to transgender runner

Here’s a not-so bold prediction, competitive female sports are going to either become irrelevant or collapse completely as these stories become more and more prevalent over the next generation.

Wait til it hits the Olympics and countries that don’t have their collective heads up their asses on this issue weigh in.

In Alaska a boy who “identifies” as a girl is allowed to compete in track and has advanced to the state competition edging out other top female athletes. Some of girls (maybe all, the report doesn’t say) and their parents think this is unfair, and they’re right.

Below is a screenshot from the comment section of the KTVA report where the mother of the girl who missed out on a podium spot speaks out about the unfairness of this travesty of female competitive sports. I went through and highlighted some pertinent comments, especially from the mother of the girl who lost out. The other comments are worth a read too, especially the snarky and entitled attitude of the person who goes by the name Katherine Ice (who is apparently transgender judging by the comments).


h/t Young Conservatives and Rare

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