One celebrity tweet brings everyone back to REALITY after Planned Parenthood’s weird Mother’s Day message

cecile richards-cross eyed

Mother’s Day should be a day devoid of politics. For most normal Americans that tends to be the case.

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards doesn’t exactly fit that bill. She ironically decided Mother’s Day would be the perfect day to boast the virtues of the abortion mill.

Self awareness has never been a strong suit for the left. Upon seeing this weirdly-times praise of her organization conservative Hollywood actor James Woods shot back with a dose of reality. Namely that they actually prevent Mother’s Day for millions and counting.

Some of the reaction to this spot on tweet were also spot on:

In fairness to that last one abortion kind of is “preventative”…it just lacking in the care department.

^ That one doesn’t count, because a white man said it…

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h/t The Daily Wire

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