Muslim Community Downright Furious After What Denmark’s Government Just Banned

We’ve all seen the news lately, with how Germany has been holding up. It seems like every time some dumb liberal says we should have open borders, there’s a new rape crisis or acid attack in European countries. One European country however, is taking a stand—and millions of Muslims are NOT happy about it.

“We’re a nation of immigrants! We’re a nation of immigrants!” leftists will always say. They’ll scream and shout about how we’re being “Islamophobic” for wanting a culture that speaks mostly the same language, and shares the same values. There’s a critical fact that they forget though, and it’s that Islam doesn’t integrate.

It doesn’t want to become a part of the country it travels to—it wants to take over it. Rather than adapting to the new culture, it seeks to enforce its own culture onto you. It sets up Sharia courts to enforce barbaric regulations and laws, demands that others stop eating and cooking pork so as to not offend them, and eventually forces women to wear Burqas and Hijabs so as to not “get raped” as if it’s their fault.

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Fortunately however, Denmark has taken a stand against such ridiculous ideologies, and many in the Muslim community are not happy. Daily Mail reports on the country’s new burqa ban:

Protesters wearing niqab and body-length burqas have marched in Denmark after the country’s ban on wearing face veils in public was put into action.

Hundreds of demonstrators, most with children, marched in solidarity with Muslim women despite risking fines of 1,000 kroner (£120) or jail time.

Non-niqab-wearing Muslim women and non-Muslim Danes with faces masked or covered also took part.

‘We need to send a signal to the government that we will not bow to discrimination,’ student Sabina, 21, told Reuters.

She said the law that could see repeat offenders jailed for up to six months ‘specifically targets a religious minority’.

Protests broke out across Denmark, with women actually taking to the streets demanding they be allowed to wear the restrictive garb and calling for an end to the burqa ban.

burqa ban

It doe not look like, however, the government is going to act on the protests.

A 30-year-old Muslim woman interviewed in daily Berlingske, identified only as Sarah, said she had ‘lost faith in the system’.

Born and raised in Denmark by parents who emigrated from Turkey, she has worn the niqab since she was 18.

‘I’ve realised that democracy doesn’t work. Politicians boast of freedoms and rights when they are making fun of Muslims and when they are drawing caricatures of the prophet.

‘But when it comes to me, they take away my right to choose how I want to dress,’ she said.

‘I have come to the realisation that Muslims don’t have the same rights as others. So much of politics is hypocritical.’

A smaller demonstration arranged by ‘For Frihed’ (For Freedom), which is pro face veil ban, also took place.

Restrictions on Islamic face veils were approved by MPs in May after being brought forward by the country’s centre-right coalition, known for tightening asylum and immigration rules in recent years.

But as the law took effect today, making Denmark the fifth European nation to outlaw full-face veils, supporters and opponents of the ban clashed verbally.

Denmark isn’t the only country with a burqa ban but it is the first – and the movement is spreading in Europe and the rest of the Western world.

Many have suggested that we put a burqa ban in the United States—what do you think? Let us know your thoughts on social media!

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