Muslim Man Orders Police to “Get on Ground, Bow to Allah!” After Brandishing This SICK Item in His Left Hand…

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Earlier this year, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Muslim convert Abdul-Latif Ketchman threatened a local SWAT team, demanding they “get on the ground” and “bow down to Allah.” What happened next, however, is even worse.

Many Americans have been concerned over the Islamification of America, and cases such as this seem to confirm their fears. Ketchman, a 33 year old resident of Michigan, has faced charges in the past—but none of them compare to this.

One such incident that occurred on January 13th, 2017 landed him the charges of first-degree home invasion, carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent, and malicious destruction of a building costing $20,000 or more in damage.

Just recently, however, his little “skirmish” with a SWAT team landed him an additional 14 new charges:

  • 7 counts of felony assault
  • 7 counts of resisting, obstructing, or assaulting a police officer
Abdul-Latif Ketchman, the defendant

This man has been a menace to society for quite a while, according to neighbors. Emerald Cox, one of Ketchman’s neighbors, shares the gritty details:

Police were initially called to the Ypsilanti apartment building in the 700 block of Lowell Street when Ketchman began banging on his neighbor’s door with a crowbar, neighbor Emerald Cox, testified.

‘He was saying, ‘I’m going to kill you,’ she said.

Cox said she’d had previous encounters with Ketchman, claiming he came to her door on Christmas Eve to ask if she and her family were part of the CIA.

She also said she saw him attack a neighbor with a crowbar on Jan. 12, an incident for which he is charged in a separate case with assault with a dangerous weapon and carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent.

In that incident, neighbor Daniel Stults testified Thursday that Ketchman ordered him to get on the ground and bow before his god [allah].

On Jan. 13, he knocked off Cox’s doorknob with the crowbar, she testified.

Police were soon called to the apartment complex, and a whopping six law enforcement officers testified to Ketchman’s disgusting actions. After arriving at the Muslim convert’s apartment, they attempted to coax him out, unsure whether he was carrying some sort of a weapon.

Ketchman refused, however—he told them that they were trespassing, and told the officers that they should wash his genitals. “I asked him to see his hands multiple times,” Officer Porter testified. “I could see his left hand and at one point, he props his right hand on top of the door, and at that point, that’s when I noticed he had what looked like a kitchen knife in his hand.”

The officers then tasered the man, but he slammed the door hut. After reinforcements arrived, a lengthy standoff ensued—one in which the Muslim convert repeatedly tried to intimidate the officers with swords and knives.

Stanford and Schembri described lengthy attempts end the situation peacefully, with Ketchman continually denying orders and displaying a sword.

Then, with SWAT members in the hallway, Ketchman made a motion as if he was going to throw the knife at Stanford, forcing the negotiator to dive out of the room, Stanford said.

Shortly afterward, Ketchman gave a countdown and exited the room, and SWAT engaged, Stanford said.

A less-lethal weapon that uses projectiles with foam tips was fired once at Ketchman to get SWAT members into the apartment. But it didn’t seem to have an effect on Ketchman, SWAT member and Ann Arbor police Officer Andrew Vainner testified.

When Ketchman opened the door with a knife and sword over his head, two SWAT members deployed their less-lethal weapons.

At the same time, Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Lt. Mike Trester, a member of SWAT assigned to use lethal force that day, fired a shot with his Glock, members testified.

Lieutenant Mike Trester, a member of the SWAT team responsible for capturing this criminal, testified that Ketchman lunged at them with a sword. “After we pushed into the room and confronted Mr. Ketchman, he was standing in the doorway. He lunged at us, there was no cover between us and I did fire,” he said.

Unfortunately, justice has not been served…yet. Washtenaw County District Court Judge J. Cedric Simpson rescheduled the pretrial hearings for August 30th, holding Mr. Ketcham on $100,000 bond in the home invasion case.

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