Muslim Professor Says Genocide is “Morally Required” – Look What He Says About White People

muslim professor white genocide

Ever since Obama was put into office, the rate of Muslim infiltration in our society has sky-rocketed. Now they’re in our neighborhoods, they’re in our corporations, and they’re even in our government.

One area that parents are particularly concerned about, however, is the schooling system. When Muslims become teachers, they have access to young and impressionable minds—perfect for brainwashing them to betray American interests and accept Islam.

As we’ve previously laid out, the Muslim Brotherhood has a 5 phase plan to destroy America—and they’re already on phase 5. The key concept behind this ruthless plan is that Muslims must infiltrate our society, at every level…and they must do it so slowly that we hardly even notice.

This is a wake up call for America—a California Muslim professor has just been caught making statements about genocide, claiming that it’s sometimes morally required. The Gateway Pundit reports:

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Mohammed Abed, a California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA) tenure-track professor of ethics, social & political philosophy, and classical Islamic philosophy believes that genocide of white racists is “morally required”.

Mohammed Abed claims that sometimes you just have to commit genocide to save the world from the evil people…like white racists.

Interestingly and to no one’s shock, when Mohammad Abed was confronted about the Europeans facing extinction or at least an annihilation of their way of life after millions of Muslim migrants have flooded their countries, Abed argues that Muslims intend to adopt the customs of their host country rather than alter them. 1400 years of Islamic destruction is evidence to the contrary, but when have facts ever mattered to Islamic supremacists?

As they point out, Mohammed Abed is eerily quiet on the Islamic invasion that led to the Crusades. After centuries of Muslims slowly encroaching on Christian territory, threatening to permanently make the white race go extinct, they decided to fight back—something that Mohammed likely thinks was “racist.”

He’s also written a paper on the topic matter, called “The Concept of Genocide Reconsidered.” While liberals are praising the man’s thoughts on killing “evil white racists,” millions of conservatives are furious, and would rather die than see their people go extinct.

David Cole of Taki Mag published a phenomenal piece, picking apart this vile Muslim’s paper and exposing him for the radical that he is:

Abed reasons, it’s sometimes “morally required” to commit genocide, and he hasn’t been shy about advancing that argument in a series of lectures and essays that have somehow managed to stay under the radar of the media (especially the right-leaning media) over the past few years.

Abed lays out his central thesis in the paper’s abstract: “Genocide is not in any sense distinctively heinous. Nor is it necessarily immoral.”

Morally justified genocide? Abed realizes this might be a tough sell:

Many will no doubt be shocked by these claims. Surely a view that has such unsavory implications should be rejected. In fact, it ought to be condemned in no uncertain terms. Reactions of this sort are overblown.

Of course, any such objections by fellow academics were almost certainly silenced once Abed named the skin color of the targets of his “moral genocide”:

One can certainly concoct a hypothetical scenario in which the deliberate annihilation of a group’s way of life is a “moral and political imperative.” And there may be a case for classifying as genocide campaigns of social destruction that are widely considered to be not only excusable but morally required. The institution of slavery in the American South was, arguably, a comprehensive way of life and worldview to which many whites were profoundly attached. It would not be wildly implausible to say that their investment in the culture and norms of the slave-owning community rivaled in its social meaning and significance an individual’s affiliation with a national or religious group. But because the kidnapping, enslavement, and lifelong exploitation of innocent human beings was a constitutive and thus ineliminable feature of the life led by many Southern whites, annihilating their way of life was a moral imperative. The right course of action was to strip them of an identity that gave meaning to their lives.

These are the type of Muslims that are teaching our children in the liberal universities. Many, such as ex-Harvard professor Jordan B. Peterson, have pointed out that colleges are nothing more than liberal brainwashing factories—an opinion which many conservatives feel.

Thousands of angry patriots have already contacted Muhammad Abed via his faculty email, over his racially motivated claims that genocide is morally justified—many do not believe that such a racist and violent Muslim man should be teaching young and naive students.

If you’re absolutely FURIOUS that this disgusting Muslim is brainwashing our youth to support genocide, please give this article a share. Thank you and God bless!

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