Muslim Refugee Sexually Assaults 6 Women – Walks Free After Liberal Judges Hears These 3 Words

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Many Islamic countries are infected with hateful, sexist laws and culture—so it’s no surprise that when radical extremists come to Europe, they bring that attitude with them.

Liberals can cry and scream all they like, but the fact of the matter is that many Islamic countries have incredibly sexist laws that discriminate against women, homosexuals, and Christians. In countries such as Saudi Arabia and Malaysia, for example, the death penalty is sometimes given for homosexuality and adultery.

So when these immigrants come here, it shouldn’t comes as a surprise that they bring this culture with them. Every single day, more evidence comes to light, showing us that many of these refugees are not here to integrate peacefully. On the contrary, many retain their own language, their own sexist culture, and their own customs.

Yet, the liberal controlled media outlets completely ignore this—CNN and MSNBC are too busy crying over Donald Trump’s “racism,” or some other made up thing he said. That’s why they haven’t covered this absolutely disgusting case, where a Muslim refugee brutally sexually assaulted six women…and walked free.

Hasan Alkhabbaz, a 22 year old Muslim refugee, was recently charged with groping six women throughout the Subway in London. The vile misogynist slipped his hands up their skirts while they were walking around, and grabbed their genitals without any consent.

Judge Nina Tempia, however, let him off without any jail time or fines—all because he said three little words. Now, because of liberal judges infesting London’s government, this man will be allowed to walk free, and will likely commit his crimes again.

The three words that he said, were simply: “No speak English.” These are the words that convinced the judge to let him off completely Scott free, aside from a slap-on-the-wrist banning him from the subway where he committed the acts.

Daily Mail reports:

An alleged sex attacker accused of groping six women in the same underpass had his case adjourned after telling the court: ‘No speak English’.

Hasan Alkhabbaz, 22, allegedly committed six sexual assaults on women walking through Joe Strummer Subway in central London.

Mr Alkhabbaz grabbed genitals and slipped his hand up skirts while lurking in the underpass where The Clash’s frontman used to busk, Westminster Magistrates’ Court was told.

rosecutor Aislinn Rice said: ‘This is targeting a number of women and he’s grabbing different parts, their bottom or genitals, mostly over clothing but also with his hand under skirts.

‘The Crown say it’s very much targeting females in isolated areas.’

But Mr Alkhabbaz’s case had to be adjourned because an Arabic interpreter hadn’t been booked.

When District Judge Nina Tempia asked for Fayez’s address, he replied: ‘No speak English.’

The judge explained the court would have to book an interpreter through an agency and adjourned the case until tomorrow at 2pm.

‘We have got an interpreter who has left his stuff, but we have to book it through the agency.’


It’s high time America wakes the hell up. If people don’t start speaking out against this type of disgusting behavior, we’ll be living under a caliphate soon enough. Mad World News adds that:

Alkhabbaz was charged with six separate counts of sexual assault believed to have occurred between November 2016 and March 2017.

During this time, Alkhabbaz launched several sex attacks on vulnerable female victims, each assault similar to the last.

Despite Alkhabbaz claiming that he doesn’t understand English, he somehow understood that he could post bail for himself, prompting his swift release until the court reconvenes.

Judge Tempia directly allowed Alkhabbaz to prowl the streets once again for his next victim, who are not exclusive to subways and underpasses.

For some unknown reason, Judge Tempia seems to think that either sex attacks only occur in subways or that these locations were to blame for Alkhabbaz’s debauchery.

While the case was supposed to happen at 2pm several days ago, we have received no such notification of it happening. There is not a word of the sentencing on CNN, MSNBC, or even Fox News—it’s as if the second court date didn’t even happen.

This happened in London, the heart of Europe. It didn’t happen in Malaysia, it didn’t happen in Saudi Arabia, and it didn’t happen in Pakistan—it happened right in the epicenter of the UK, which is supposed to be a Christian nation.

President Donald Trump needs to build the wall immediately, and we need to vote our liberal, RINO Congress out of office in 2018. It’s time that we begin retaking control of our country, so that sick events like this never happen again.

If there were any justice, this man would get sent straight to prison, and this so called “judge” would be tried for treason. Unfortunately, however, it seems that Europe has fallen to the scourge of Islam—let’s hope that America doesn’t, just yet.

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