Muslim Terrorist Begs Court to Go Easy on Him – Patriot Judge Destroys His Life With Just 3 Words

After a Chicago teenager was found guilty of an attempted terrorist attack, he immediately began to sob in court, in a pathetic attempt to manipulate the judge. Fortunately for Americans however, the judge wasn’t a bleeding heart liberal prone to such tactics, but rather a stone cold patriot who dished out some well deserved justice.

Abdella Ahmed Tounisi was just like most ordinary Muslim teenagers. He went to school, he did his homework on time, and he even planned on going to college to become a doctor. Except there’s one thing that set him aside from his peers—he plotted to fly a plane to Syria and join a terrorist group to slaughter innocent civilians.

The now 23 year old Muslim also planned to join Al-Qaeda linked group Jabhat al-Nusrah in Syria, back in 2013—a move that came after he allegedly tried to help his friend, another terrorist, engineer a bomb in 2012.

His family bought the best lawyers that money could buy, but unfortunately even money couldn’t get him out of this predicament. Too many criminals are able to commit atrocities, and then simply buy their way out of trouble—not this time.

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After Tounisi begged the court to go easy on him, Judge Der-Yeghiayan unleashed a brutal dose of truth, and an even more brutal sentence. “Mr. Tounisi, at your age you traded the opportunity to attend college for a terrorist training camp,” he said. “You could have studied to find a cure for cancer.”

The judge said that he would give “no free passes,” when it comes to terrorism, realizing the importance of clamping down on extremists. Far too many bleeding heart liberals would’ve given him a “second chance,” but not this judge—he didn’t buy Tounisi’s sob story one bit.

ABC 7 Chicago reports:

CHICAGO (WLS) — When Abdella Ahmad Tounisi was arrested for plotting to fly to Syria to join a terrorist group, he was a teenager – just 18.

On Thursday in Chicago federal court, Tounisi-now 23-thanked the government for saving his life by interrupting his terrorist plans.

Despite Tounisi’s courtroom praise and apologies to his family, U.S. District Court Judge Samuel Der-Yeghiayan was merciless in sentencing the Aurora man and sentenced him to the statutory maximum — 15 years in federal prison.

“Mr Tounisi, at your age you traded the opportunity to attend college for a terrorist training camp” said Judge Der-Yeghiayan. He continued, “you could have studied to find a cure for cancer.”

The judge said that he would give “no free passes” when it comes to terrorism and that Tounisi could have chosen to become a hero in life but instead “chose to become a villain.”

The teenager’s road to perdition began in 2013 when he tried to join al-Qaida-linked Jabhat al-Nusrah in Syria, authorities said. That move came after he allegedly tried to help his friend, Adel Daoud, engineer a bombing here a year earlier.

According to the government, Daoud and Tounisi were friends and discussed terrorist plots – including wanting to stage a bomb attack on a night club that allowed the admission of teenagers, a now-defunct club the I-Team previously identified on Route 59 in Naperville.

Tounisi would later step away from the plot, but his fate had been sealed. He was grabbed by federal agents at O’Hare Airport in April 2013 on a trip to Syria.

“He was a lonely kid who sought a brotherhood and a life of value” said Tounisi’s defense attorney Molly Armor. “His arrest, his detention at the MCC as an 18 year old kid, his face plastered all over the news, his mother in tears, his family shamed.”

Another defense attorney, Patrick Blegen, said during Thursday’s sentencing hearing that “not every terrorism is the same. He had no intention on returning to the United States because of belief he was going to be killed there [Syria.]”

Tounisi’s lawyers had asked for a 7-year sentence, instead of the 15-year maximum sentence—but the judge showed absolutely no mercy. He noted that although the boy’s story was sad, he would’ve given him even longer than the maximum sentence if he could.

“Such terrorism is a threat to the very existence of this great nation,” said Judge Der-Yeghiayan, adding that this case was “an extremely serious crime,” and that he would “rank it at the top.” Tounisi has already served four years behind bars.

Our country is facing one of the worst terrorism crises since the early 2000’s thanks to the Obama administration, and locking away these attempted terrorists sends a message loud and clear. To anyone thinking of joining ISIS, al-Qaeda, or any other Muslim extremist group, if we find you, we will serve you justice.

If you think that this terrorist got the justice he deserved, please give this article a share. Thank you and God bless this great country of America!

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