Muslim Uber Driver Arrested Over Disgusting Demands Made To A Female Passenger

Muslim Uber driver

Despite all the positive benefits of Uber, there have been a number of concerns about the safety of passengers who use the taxi service. That was made clear in Chicago recently, after an Muslim Uber driver was arrested, accused of making lewd demands of a female passenger.

When you have an unsupervised Uber driver who believes women are inferior and should be subject to a man’s demands, these types of incidents are going to happen. According to a report by The IB Times, a Muslim Uber driver in Chicago is facing jail time after he demanded a female passenger pay for her ride with sex.

The incident occurred on July 4, but is only now coming to light because of criminal court hearings involving the man.

Muhammad Fahim, 44, faces three counts of unlawful restraint of the 19-year-old woman. She had requested an Uber ride, and during the ride, offered to pay the driver in cash. Instead, the man demanded payment in sex. He repeatedly locked the doors of the car and would not let her leave. She was only able to escape by jumping out of the car while it was moving.The woman was not seriously injured in the incident.

Fahim somehow managed to elude authorities and was finally arrested a few days ago, after a traffic stop.

Uber said they find the allegations “troubling.” Fahim is not allowed to drive for the company for the time being. He remains in jail on $100,000 bail.

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