Muslims FURIOUS After A Buddhist Monk Compares Them To This Animal

buddhist monk muslims african carp

Over the past decade, many Europeans grown increasingly worried about the Islamification of their culture. Every single week, new terrorist attacks are carried out, Sharia law comes closer, and Muslim birth rates grow higher.

While some Muslims certainly do wish to integrate, they largely seem to be the exception. The vast majority of Islamic followers do not end up integrating—they do not learn the native culture’s language, they do not leave behind their old ways of dress, and even proactively force their beliefs onto others.

So when this Buddhist monk compares Muslims to a specific type of African fish, liberals and their Muslim allies grew furious. Buddhists are known as being some of the most peaceful people in the entire world, and as far as religious extremism goes, Buddhism is at the bottom of the list.

Most monks spend their days meditating to clear their mind, and make a commitment to live a simple lifestyle. Many earn their living by farming the rice paddies, and dedicate their time to praying, helping endangered animals recover, and caring for the poor.

This one Buddhist Monk, however, is more vocal than his brothers—and while he says that he certainly wants to live in peace, the Muslims of his country will not allow it.

“If every race and religion will become good, genuine friends, there is no reason we can’t live together peacefully,” he says. “Whether we live together peacefully or not, is not up to the Burmese people. It depends on the Muslims.”

“They are devouring the Burmese people,” he says, “destroying Buddhism and Buddhist order, forcefully taking actions to establish Myanmar as an Islamic country, and forcefully implementing them.” Unfortunately, this is a situation that many Europeans can relate to.

Over the past decade we’ve seen Christian dominated civilizations such as England, France, and Germany slowly devolve into mosque-infested, terrorism-plagued nations on the verge of collapse. While not all Muslims partake in this anti-Christian activity, it’s undeniable that many do.

The interviewer goes on to point out that the Muslim population in Myanmar is low, and asks the Buddhist Monk what will happen if the population reaches 50%. What he says is absolutely astonishing.

Muslims are like African carps.

They breed rapidly, have violent behavior, and eat its own kind and other fish. They also destroy the natural resources and beauty underwater.

Even though they are a minority, our entire race has suffered a great deal under the burden of the minority. The majority Burmese have not intruded, corrupted, or abused them, but we have been suffering under their burden. That is why if there are as many Muslims as there are Buddhists, Myanmar could never be at peace.

Look at how calm and collected this man is as he speaks his opinion about Islam. Does he seem angry, vile, or hateful? Not at all—he seems like a man who is telling the truth, or who at least believes he is telling the truth. Of course, I’m sure that Muslims have their own response to him.

Muslims would claim that they don’t do anything of the sort. They would claim that they’re a peaceful group of people, that they care about the poor, and have love in their hearts—but I think anyone who keeps up with the news in Europe may see things a little bit differently.

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