Navy Carrier Headed for North Korea Showdown – HERE’S WHAT WE KNOW

At this moment, a U.S. super carrier has reversed course from Australia back in the direction of North Korean waters.

North Korea continues to work towards nuclear capabilities while indirectly provoking the U.S.

Earlier this week, The Guardian reported the deployment of U.S. Navy carrier to the western Pacific Ocean, near the Korean peninsula.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and President Trump met at Mar-a-Lago last week. The meeting included extensive talks regarding North Korea.

Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State, indicated China agreed with the Trump administration that “action has to be taken.”

“President Xi clearly understands, and I think agrees, that the situation has intensified and has reached a certain level of threat that action has to be taken,” Tillerson said.

Tillerson described a “shared view and no disagreement as to how dangerous the situation has become”.

In view of the regional threat now posed by North Korean missile tests and nuclear ambitions, he said, the Chinese “do not believe the conditions are right today to engage in discussions with the government in Pyongyang”.

“We’re hopeful,” he added, “that we can work together with the Chinese to change the conditions in the minds of the DPRK leadership. And then, at that point, perhaps discussions may be useful.

The meeting with the Chinese President occurred at the same time that President Trump quietly authorized a Tomahawk missile strike on an airfield in Syria.

Take note of the timing of the strike. President Trump was sending a message to China and the rest of the world.

Last week Thae Yong Ho, a North Korean defector and former North Korean Deputy Ambassador to the United Kingdom, provided rare insight in an interview to NBC News.

“According to Thae, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is “desperate in maintaining his rule by relying on his [development of] nuclear weapons and ICBM.” He was using an acronym for intercontinental ballistic missiles — a long range rocket that in theory would be capable of hitting the U.S.

“Once he sees that there is any kind of sign of a tank or an imminent threat from America, then he would use his nuclear weapons with ICBM,” he added in an exclusive interview on Sunday.

Thae was not directly involved in North Korea’s weapons program. However Thae, as a former ambassador feels North Korea “has reached a very significant level of nuclear development.”

North Korea continues to test medium to long range missiles in the direction of Japan, in the shadow of the ever silent China.

Again last week, despite sanctions, North Korea test fired another medium range ballistic missile into the Sea of Japan. This missile flew about 40 miles. North Korea timed this test to occur the night before President Trump and President Xi of China met.

“Last week, the US Treasury slapped sanctions on 11 North Korean business representatives and one company.
On Tuesday US politicians overwhelmingly backed a bill relisting the North as a state sponsor of terror.
North Korea responded by warning that it will retaliate if the international community steps up sanctions, saying the US was forcing the situation “to the brink of war”

President Trump responded;

“If China is not going to solve North Korea, we will. That is all I am telling you,” in a recent interview.

Last month North Korea launched banned ballistic missiles called intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM). An ICBM is a multiple stage, guided missile that can travel over 3400 miles and is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead.

Some of these missiles landed less than 200 miles from Japan.

North Korea has made it clear they are working towards a nuclear program. North Korea does have a supply of nuclear weapons, proven by five past nuclear tests. It is believed North Korea has enough plutonium to create six or more nuclear bombs.

What now?

In light of President Trump’s response to Syria, what the President does next is crucial.

Sanctions have long been shown to be ineffective with North Korea and diplomacy without the backing of China is challenging.

A war with North Korea could easily become a war with China, and the next World War. This time, the super powers do have nuclear capabilities.

President Trump vowed to “solve” the problem of Pyongyang’s developing nuclear-weapons program with or without China’s help, “All options are on the table.”

As with Syria, all options regarding North Korea are being carefully analyzed. President Trump and President Xi recently met, at the end of the meeting Syria was bombed. The world should take notice.

Trump is proving to be decisive and firm in his policies.

President Trump should act with wisdom and firmness while resolving the can of worms that is North Korea. Pray for the safety of our troops.

Because the U.S. is not afraid to act.

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