Navy Seal Veteran DESTROYS Antifa With Just One Simple Question

antifa scum shit

Over the past 12 months, Antifa has gone from a low-level group of scumbags, to a full-blown terrorist organization. Everywhere they go to “protest,” riots erupt, and violence always follows.

It’s gotten so bad that tens of thousands of Americans signed a petition to declare them a terrorist organization. Antifa, for anyone who’s out of the loop or who only watches CNN, is a far left group of radical crybaby millennials determined to undermine Trump’s presidency.

The group, which derives its name from the “anti-fascist” movement of the 20th century, is notorious for their methods of violence, all-black attire, and group mob tactics. Ironically, they’re actually more fascist than the supposed fascists that they’re protesting.

Despite the obvious legality concerns over what they’ve been doing, they still have ample funding. The majority of it comes from liberal elite billionaire George Soros, who’s also funded other radical groups such as Black Lives Matter and the Open Society Foundation.

Soros has thrown millions of dollars at groups like Antifa, encouraging protesters to riot and fight capitalism—the very thing which made us so prosperous in the first place. Thankfully however, due to conservative media coverage, more Americans are becoming aware of this threat to our secure society.

Still, the liberal controlled media is propping Antifa up on a pedestal, championing them as crusaders for a noble cause. Some RINO’s such as Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio have even fully backed the organization; surprise, surprise.

One Navy Seal, however, has something to say—and it isn’t going to make these Antifa pukes happy. Dom Raso, a hardcore military veteran, compares them to what he saw when serving overseas in ISIS dominated territories.

“These conditions were common in every radical Islamic country I spent time in over my 12 year career,” he says. “I’m disgusted that we as Americans are accepting to live with these conditions today.”

“[This is] not because of ISIS. [This is] because of a bunch of entitled crybabies who can’t get over the fact that the American people elected Donald Trump,” he says. “It’s an organized anarchy that’s becoming unmanageable.”

He then goes on to ask a simple question, which no Antifa member has yet been able to answer logically: “What are you resisting?”

What are they resisting? “The democratic process?” he asks. “The fact that our military is finally allowed to destroy ISIS? These protesters in the streets wear black clothes and masks, deface property, harass our police, and then have the audacity to cry fascism?”

Many Americans are asking the same questions. How can these idiots claim that Donald Trump and his supporters are fascists, when they’re rioting in the streets with masks, destroying private and public property, and violently accosting old ladies?

These people are absolute degenerates and they need to be stopped. It’s time to put an end to this madness, it’s time for Donald Trump to throw each and every one of these scum in jail, and it’s time for us to reclaim our country.

Please share this extremely important information—America needs to wake up to the threat of Antifa and radical leftism before it’s too late. Thank you!

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