NBC Ignores Antifa, Black Lives Matter Protesters Attacking Their Reporters and Cops in Charlottesville


Antifa and Black Lives Matter attacked an NBC news crew Saturday night as it attempted to cover the Charlottesville protests. In a separate incident, a police officer was knocked to the ground and attacked on a Charlottesville street.

On Sunday morning, however, NBC’s Today Show didn’t even mention it.

Other media outlets however, did. Even left-leaning CNN covered the attack, calling out and criticizing the violent behavior of the antifa protesters.

According to NBC affiliate reporter Cal Perry, NBC News reporters in Charlottesville, Virginia, were targeted by antifa and Black Lives Matter protesters as they demonstrated Saturday night.

The protesters seemed to be a mix of the two groups, which often chanted “Black Lives Matter” as it marched.

As first reported by The Hill, Perry tweeted videos late Saturday of protesters screaming at him and other members of the press. Another video showed a protester grabbing one reporter’s camera and yelling. In one of the videos, antifa members warn the cameramen to stop filming, before getting physical and trying to grab the camera.

NBC did not comment on the video or the tweets by its reporter. CNN reporters Jake Tapper and Brian Stelter condemned antifa for the attacks on the reporters, calling it “unacceptable.”

Here is the video.

Here is another video, with antifa calling the media a “snitch ass bitch” and dropping the F-word.

Still more video out of Charlottesville shows antifa protesters attacking a police officer, who is then pulled to safety by other cops, who do not arrest anyone or attempt to stop the violent protesters.

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