Neiman Marcus starts selling Ivanka products again; feminist libs FREAKING OUT

Ivanka Trump boycott

Neiman Marcus is back on the Trump Train. The Ivanka Trump Train, that is.

The high-end retailer has added two items from Ivanaka’s line to its website, to the dismay of Trump detractors. The additions come weeks after Neiman Marcus supposedly dropped the line. At the time, it appeared a liberal feminist-led boycott of Ivanka products had forced them to stop selling her line.

The Ivanka Trump boycott, using the hashtag #GrabYourWallet, has forced several retailers to drop Ivanka’s line of clothes, shows, jewelry, and accessories, to avoid negative publicity. Now, it seems Neiman Marcus is defying the ban. Liberal feminists are not happy about it.

Business Insider (via Yahoo) posted the details.

Neiman Marcus now sells just two items from the Ivanka Trump brand — a $4,360 ring and a $5,400 ring.

The news that Neiman Marcus had apparently dropped Ivanka Trump’s brand came just hours after Nordstrom cut ties with the brand in early February. 

In recent months, Ivanka Trump has become a popular target of activists encouraging people to boycott retailers selling her products, as well as other companies that do business with the Trump family. Retailers including Nordstrom,, and Belk have dropped the first daughter’s fashion line since the anti-Trump boycott movement #GrabYourWallet launched on social media in October.

Shannon Coulter, the founder of the #GrabyourWallet boycott, tweeted out the following announcement. It seems angry feminists are ready to go to war with Neiman Marcus.

Ivanka Trump boycott

The Ivanka Trump boycott has not hurt sales much. In fact, online sales of the Ivanka line jumped 200% in February alone. Macy’s and Amazon are the top online retailers for Ivanka products.

Ivanka Trump has not yet commented on the return of her products to Neiman Marcus.

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