New Documentary ‘Cartel Land’ Amplifies Gravity of Our Border Crisis

I just saw a screening of Emmy-nominated filmmaker Matthew Heineman’s stunning new documentary, Cartel Land, the filming of which should arguably earn his crew the coveted status of ‘war journalists.’ While the Legacy Media perpetually glorifies the (Western-backed) pseudo-specter of ISIS, it turns a blind eye to the equally bloody war of terror being waged by (Western-backed) drug cartels on either side of the Rio Grande.

Heineman and his crew embedded with militias in both Arizona and the Michoacan state of Mexico, unaware that they would find themselves in the midst of blazing firefights, sleeping in cartel bosses’ backyards, and recording the heart-wrenching testimony of Mexican women who were forced to watch their husbands’ bodies cut into pieces and set on fire by demons who would assimilate quite nicely in Raqqa, as long as there was a steady supply of tortillas and tequila to accompany toxic halal meats and Captagon pills.

Former CIA Officer Says ISIS and Mexican Drug Cartels Communicate

The lion’s share of the storyline is dedicated to the ‘Autodefensas,’ a civilian paramilitary group headed by the charismatic, folk-hero-esque Jose Manuel Mireles Valverde, a local doctor from Michoacan. The necessity for the formation of the Autodefensas arose after years of brutal terrorization by the Knights Templar Cartel and their contemporaries, whose barbarism has contributed to nearly 200,000 deaths and untold rapes, kidnappings, and maimings in the past decade of a Mexican drug war that has become a North American crisis.

Not only did the Mexican government disapprove of the Autodefensas assuming a proactive role in protection of their people and property, where the State had (intentionally?) failed – they miraculously mustered up federal force to disarm and obstruct the underpowered militia group at critical accumulations of momentum.

When the tireless dedication of the Autodefensas led them to capturing key members of narco gangs, the Federales would intervene under the guise of ‘official arrest’ – only to re-arm the criminals and unleash them back into the wild. And all the while, the Mexican EneMedia played the role of state mouthpiece, demonizing the efforts of the militia and reporting untruths about their loyalties and motives.

This cowardly authoritarian tactic of allowing and encouraging localized anarchy, and the subsequent demonization of the courageous men and women who do their best to restore order and pick up the pieces, is a chilling parallel of the treatment of militia patriot groups like the Oath Keepers and the Three Percenters.

After miraculously regaining control of 28 towns and municipalities from the drug lords, the constitution-quoting freedom fighters of the Autodefensas were eventually infiltrated in a classic ‘divide and conquer’ strategy by federal operatives. Dr. Mireles was effectively forced into hiding (and later imprisoned, where he remains in solitary confinement), as the more corruptible members of the Autodefensas turned on their leader to join ranks with the Mexican government, who had bribed them with shiny new guns and slick uniforms, in exchange for their allegiance to the same unscrupulous State Machine that sold them down the river to cartel hell in the first place.

On the U.S. side of the ‘border,’ Tim ‘Nailer’ Foley, a former combat engineer with the 82nd Airborne division, heads the Arizona Border Recon, a ragtag revolving group of veterans and true immigration patriots who spend their days rooting out cartel scouts and runners in the dry desert mountains. At times, Nailer has even flown solo, doing his best to pick up the slack where our knee-capped border patrol are overwhelmed, under-funded, and operationally hog-tied. Meanwhile, nearly 25,000 active-duty U.S. troops are stationed in South Korea, prepared to defend that distant country from China’s junkyard dog, Kim Jong-Un and the laughable North Korean military.

Nailer’s pathway to nationalist vigilantism was born from the personal conviction that arises when a red-blooded American citizen (and veteran) is boxed out of gainful employment by illegal aliens. Once a well-paid commercial construction foreman, the financial crash of 2008 wrecked his career faster than an unlicensed illegal after a few too many beers on payday. After traversing the country in search of work, he came to terms with the ‘new normal’ – invaders from foreign lands were the preferred class of worker in his struggling industry.

Originally, Nailer’s primary objective for the Border Recon was the apprehension of illegals crossing into the United States, but upon realizing the task was far beyond his capacities, he narrowed his focus onto going toe-to-toe with the cartels. His small group works quietly in unofficial partnership with federal immigration authorities, delivering criminal detainees to discreetly-grateful agents to be processed and likely released (possibly on the northern side of the ‘border’), per Obama administration policy. In return for this strenuous, isolating, and thankless service to his fellows countrymen, the loathsome $outhern Poverty Law Center has labeled the Arizona Border Recon a ‘nativist extremist group.’

Border Agent: ‘We Might As Well Abolish Our Immigration Laws Altogether’

For the same reasons that Big Pharma will most likely never ‘find a cure’ for cancer, the U.S. and Mexican governments actively work to crush any remedy for rampant drug trafficking, or the open southern border that serves as a conduit to maintain ‘free trade’ of these narcotics, weapons, and misery. The dirty not-so-secret is that if real solutions to these massive problems were implemented, many bureaucrats and their lackeys would find themselves unemployed, and the billions of tax dollars being laundered through corrupt official and unofficial channels would dry up or be re-routed.

This ugly truth was openly admitted by Guillermo Terrazas Villanueva, a spokesman for the Chihuahua state government. In an interview with Al-Jazeera in 2012, Villanueva noted, “It’s like pest control companies – they only ‘control.’ If you finish off the pests, you are out of a job. If they finish the drug business, they finish their jobs.”

‘Cartel Land’ exposes one of the primary reasons we desperately need a Donald Trump, The Wall, and his stated immigration policies – which reflect the overwhelming majority of Americans’ demands. Not only are we living just north of a failed, violent socialist state, but our own nation isn’t far behind. Their strife and unbridled savagery is progressively finding it’s way into our own country, and American lives and innocence are being lost because of it.

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