New England Patriots DESTROY New York Times For Being FAKE NEWS!

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The New York Times recently posted a side by side picture of the New England Patriots’ visit to Donald Trump, versus their visit to Obama in 2015.

Based off of the New York Times tweet shown below, one would conclude that the New England Patriots had far more support for President Obama:

However the New England Patriots (@Patriots) were very quick to point out that this was, in fact, a misleading picture. Take a look at what they tweeted:

They then went on to call out the New York Times, saying that the photo lacks context, and that today over 40 football staff were seated on the lawn, which weren’t there in the Obama picture.

Seeing that Carlos Slim owns the corrupt New York Times, this isn’t a surprise. Slim is a vehemently anti-Trump Mexican billionaire who has a monopoly in the telecommunications industry in Mexico. Forbes Reports:

“In 2009, Slim–the world’s third richest person–lent the Times Company $250 million, at an interest rate of 14%; at the time, with the world economy struggling and credit tight, the company looked to be in some degree of peril.”

“The loan was repaid in 2011, more than three years before it was due. In January, Slim became the Times’ largest single investor after exercising warrants, issued in connection with the initial deal, that more than doubled his stake in the media company to nearly 17%.”

In addition to this, Forbes also profits off of Mexican immigration. Most Mexican immigrants earn money in America, and use it to buy landlines for their relatives back in Mexico—and who do you think they buy the landlines from? None other than Mexico’s telecommunications tycoon, Carlos Slim.

Town Hall reports:

“Frequently listed as the richest man in the world, Slim acquired his fortune through a corrupt inside deal giving him a monopoly on telecommunications services in Mexico. But in order to make money from his monopoly, Slim needs lots of Mexicans living in the United States, sending money to their relatives back in Oaxaca. Otherwise, Mexicans couldn’t pay him—and they wouldn’t have much need for phone service, either—other than to call in ransom demands.”

“One of the ways Slim makes money off of illegal immigration in the United States is by overcharging Mexicans to call home, especially during World Cup soccer season. Slim takes a percentage of all cell phone calls into Mexico—and Telmex’s “interconnection rates” are astronomical. International roaming rates are 37 percent higher in Mexico than the average of all OECD countries.”

“But the main way illegal immigrants benefit Slim is through their remissions. Monopolistic pricing is of little value in a poor country. A monopoly on air in Burundi would not produce the world’s richest man. Luckily for Slim, Mexico is located right next to one of the wealthiest nations in the world. The OECD estimates that Slim’s suffocating telecommunications monopoly costs Mexican consumers $26 billion a year, with more than half of that coming from Slim gouging his customers. They would have $20 billion less to spend without 40 million Mexicans living in the United States.”

In other words, the man that literally bailed out the New York Times from bankruptcy in 2008, profits off of illegal immigration…and now people expect the paper to be honest. Unfortunately, that isn’t how the world works.

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