NEW JERSEY TRAIN CRASH: No evidence of terrorism so far

new Jersey train crash


New Jersey transit officials and the National Transportation Safety Board report that they have no evidence that terrorism is a factor in today’s crash of a commuter train in Hoboken, New Jersey. This comes as one witness reported what he thought was an explosion, but he admits that may be due to the sound of the impact of the train hitting a concrete bumper in the Hoboken station where the train was supposed to stop.

Over 100 people were injured and one woman was killed when a crowded commuter train slammed into an end-of-the-line station in Hoboken, New Jersey. Here are other facts we know so far:

*The train is not electric-powered, but is “pushed” by a locomotive at the back of the train.

*Several witnesses say they did not hear the train brakes engage, and the train went into the station full-speed.

*One woman was killed, and officials believe she was on the station platform and was hit by debris.

*While it is not clear what caused the crash, a study of past train accidents has shown that in 8% of all causes, drugs or alcohol was involved.

Stay tuned to for updates.

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