NEW POLL: If Trump and Hillary faced off today, THIS PERSON WOULD WIN EASILY

Trump vs. Clinton

A new poll from the Washington Post asked voters who they would support if Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton faced off today in an election. The result may surprise you.

For months, the mainstream media has pushed the narrative that Donald Trump is an incredibly unpopular President. While reporting a new poll they conducted with ABC News, The Post points out that he is still “underwater” in his approval rating. That is true: His disapproval rating is 53%, while his approval rating is 42%, a level of dissatisfaction no other modern President has experienced.

The Washington Post piles on in their analysis of the approval rating.

But the president’s balance sheet overall tilts toward the negative. Majorities of Americans say Trump has not accomplished much during his first months as president. Meanwhile, he shows little improvement on his temperament and honesty, and while he’s gained ground on empathy, over 6 in 10 still say he does not understand the problems of people like them.

However, buried in the article is an interesting aspect of the poll, which gauged a new theoretical election match-up of Trump vs. Clinton. Hillary won’t like it.

The Washington Examiner points out what the Post tried to bury.

It’s not until the second to last paragraph of the long story that it’s shown Clinton would still lose to the president, despite the high disapproval ratings and problems with his first 100 days detailed by the paper. It reads:

The new survey finds 46 percent saying they voted for Clinton and 43 percent for Trump, similar to her two-point national vote margin. Asked how they would vote if the election were held today, 43 say they would support Trump and 40 percent say Clinton.

Even Jonathan Karl of ABC News reported on the theoretical Trump vs. Clinton match-up and the result. He tweeted out this graphic from the poll report, breaking down the numbers.

Trump vs. Clinton

Trump’s theoretical win should not be too surprising. After all, Trump held the lead in the popular vote until California’s votes were counted. That one state provided Clinton the votes to close the gap and gain the popular vote lead, something she could not do in the other 49 states.

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