BREAKING: New undercover video could be the DEATHBLOW to Hillary’s campaign!

Hillary campaign

For well over a year, Hillary Clinton has looked down from her political high horse and criticized Donald Trump and the “deplorable” Republican Party. Her condescending attitude was celebrated in the mainstream media, but conservatives saw through all of that. They knew the Clinton hypocrisy, and they also knew that the Hillary campaign has been careful about allowing her true colors to show. Until now.

Conservative investigative journalist James O’Keefe is promising to release an undercover video on Tuesday showing Hillary Clinton making racist comments and video of what is really going on with VOTER FRAUD!! Observe:

O’Keefe rose to prominence in 2009 with a series of videos exposing ACORN corruption. He later was arrested after trying to plant a bug in Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu’s office. Where others fail to find the truth, O’Keefe delivers the goods.

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UPDATES: Here is the first of many undercover videos and information to come! SHARE this page everywhere!

DNC rigged elections. Man PROVES software stole votes in ALL ‘Hillary won’ counties.

Republicans look into this NOW and DEMAND a NEW count!!

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