Reporter terminated after celebrating president elect’s victory on her Facebook page.


A news reporter for a Fox affiliate in Houston was fired after posting a celebratory message on her private Facebook page following Donald Trump’s presidential election victory.


Scarlett Fakhar says she was terminated soon after showing support on social media for Trump.

Below is the message that got Fakhar fired:



H/T InfoWars

The reason President-Elect won a resounding victory is to correct wrongs like this. Liberals have ruled the roost for decades, with little pushback.

That ended on November 8, 2016.

Soon they will feel the wrath of the Conservative, grass roots, Tea Party, and even true Republicans, as we kick their boney butts.

Trump won fair and square, as did the movement that represents the real American Spirit. These crybabies should grow the hell up. They will soon push the victors just a bit too much, and find out that we won’t be toyed with.

We had to deal with Obama for the last eight years and it’s now time for a real president that cares about America and it’s people.

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