Newsweek’s latest FAKE NEWS on Trump is so ridiculous you may think it’s a joke

Newsweek fake news

We’ve come to expect fake news and anti-Trump propaganda from CNN, MSNBC, and the major networks. To see a once great publication like Newsweek stoop to that level, however, is a sad statement on the state of journalism today.

An article from Newsweek yesterday touted the headline “In G20 photo, Trump Couldn’t Shove His Way To The Front and Center of World Leaders.” The article then refenced an incident at the NATO meeting in Brussels, during which the media falsely accused President Trump of shoving the prime minister of Montenegro aside to get a prime position for a photo opportunity.

Using that logic, Newsweek reporter Jason Le Miere assumed that Trump tried to shove his way to the front and middle of a photo of the world leaders at the G20 Summit in Germany.

Here is a screenshot of the Newsweek fake news headline from their website. We have removed the video at the top of the Newsweek page and moved the photo (which was farther down in the article) into its position, to provide better context.

Newsweek fake news

Here’s a selection from the article: 

We all know that President Donald Trump likes to get prime position in any photo opportunity. On his first visit to Europe in May, he appeared to shove the prime minister of Montenegro aside in order to get to the front of the pack of world leaders, providing yet another viral sensation for the internet.

Unfortunately for Trump, he was unable to use the same tactics in Hamburg Friday as he posed for his first G20 photo. Instead, Trump was left on the outside looking in, to the far right of the group, only prevented from being on the very outer limits by French President Emmanuel Macron, who made a late move to stand next to the American leader.

The only problem with this Newsweek fake news article, of course, is that there is no evidence Trump tried to take a center position. No video, no eye witnesses, nothing. In all likelihood, the positions were largely predetermined by German officials hosting the event, as Angela Merkel received the center position.

On the home page of its website, Newsweek also posted articles proclaiming “Ivanka Trump Sits In For her Father at a G20 Meeting” and “Washington Residents Resist Trump.” There was a single Obama headline: “Obama Takes Adorable Selfies With Alaskan Baby.”

What Newsweek didn’t mention in the title of the Ivanka article was that the President was already attending another meeting at the same time, with other G20 leaders about international security. Ivanka sat in for the President on a meeting about health issues in Africa.

But who needs facts when Newsweek has an agenda to push?

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