NFL Star BLASTS Anthem Protesters in TMZ Interview

Pacman Jones

Not every NFL player supports the anthem protest – and one All-Pro player isn’t afraid to tell his fellow athletes to find a better way to protest inequality.

Adam “Pacman” Jones is a standout cornerback and return specialist who spent the last eight years with the Cincinnati Bengals. Before that, he played for both the Tennessee Titans and the Dallas Cowboys, and has never been afraid to voice his opinion. Now, that means speaking out against the protests against the National Anthem inspired by Colin Kaepernick.

“I’m all for standing for the anthem,” he tells the TMZ interviewer. He mentions having family and friends who serve in combat, so he understands what the National Anthem means to most people.

“The social issues don’t have nothing to do with the anthem,” he says, insisting the players find a better way to protest.

TMZ reports.

Pacman Jones isn’t feelin’ Colin Kaepernick — telling TMZ Sports he does NOT support the players who took a knee during the national anthem … and wants them to find a different way to protest.

Here’s the deal … we shot this clip on Tuesday at LAX just a few hours before Pacman was attacked at the airport in Atlanta. The fight story kinda knocked this clip off our radar for a while (obviously), but it’s still pretty good.

“I’m all for standing for the anthem,” Pacman told us … “I have a couple of family members that have been over to Iraq.”

Pacman also explained that, to him … social issues “don’t have nothing to do with the national anthem” and players who want to make a change should “figure out another way.”

Here is the TMZ interview with Pacman Jones.

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