Nine Muslim Men Thought It Would Be Funny to Claim to Have Bombs on a Plane


Note: The man in the picture is not one of the men from the story. It is Kal Penn from the ‘Harold and Kumar’ movies, and used for illustrative purposes. 

Hey, did you hear about the nine drunken Muslim men who went on an airline flight and thought it would be funny to claim they had bombs, while one chanted “Allahu Ackbar?”

Apparently, neither did the mainstream media, who completely failed to mention that this happened on Saturday.

In case you think this may have been a simple oversight on the media’s part, know that this incident was reported by Reuters, one of the top news sources in the world. Hundreds of media outlets have access to the Reuters newswire, and saw the story. They just chose to ignore it.

According to, the men were boarding a Ryanair flight from Brussels, Belgium to Madrid, Spain on Saturday, when they all became rowdy. The group was apparently under the influence of alcohol, and thought it would be funny to start joking about blowing up the plane, so other passengers could hear. One even shouted “Allahu Akbar.”

The Brussels airport they we at was the same one targeted by terrorists in a March 2016 attack that killed 32 and injured 300. Suffice it to say, authorities there did not find it funny. The men were all detained and the flight grounded while they investigated.

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Following the disruptive passengers’ removal, the Boeing 737-800 was briefly evacuated and searched before departing with a two-hour delay around 9:15am local time.

Spokesperson for the Belgian federal police, Peter De Waele, confirmed the incident to, and said one man was arrested.

“The flight commander refused to take these nine people (a group of friends) after the incident. One of them was a foolish joker and called ‘Allahu Akbar’ (‘God is great’),” said De Waele.

A spokesperson for Ryanair told that the flight crew requested police assistance “after a number of passengers became disruptive prior to departure.”

“Police removed and detained the individuals before the aircraft departed to Madrid. We will not tolerate unruly or disruptive behaviour at any time and the safety and comfort of our customers, crew and aircraft is our number one priority,” said the airline spokesperson.

“This is now a matter for local police,” the statement concluded.

Spokesperson for the Halle-Vilvoorde region, Carol Vercarre, said the passenger was presumably under the influence of alcohol “and wanted to make a funny joke.”

“Despite the fact that we suspect that the passenger would never perform his threat, we can’t take this lightly,” Vercarre added.

The callous attitude of the nine Muslim men, especially in an airport that was targeted by terrorists, is reprehensible. The fact that the major news networks chose to ignore this incident tells you all you need to know about the media.

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