No, It’s Not Okay!


Do you think it’s OKAY for a biological male to use the women’s restroom, locker and dressing rooms? Do you think it’s OKAY to have Men’s urinals installed in women’s bathrooms? 

No, it’s not okay in a civil society to allow biological males into the women’s bathroom. Even in the increasingly dystopian far-left vision for tomorrow, this is still a sick, yes SICK, proposal. The far-left has grossly overestimated their battlefield strength in their never-ending war on our culture, and their new front, the battle for bathroom privacy and safety, is going to be a major loser for them. Here’s why. The far-left thinks they are fighting a savvy public relations battle in the culture war. But the majority of Americans, not aligned with the increasingly deranged far-left, are fighting a totally different battle. They are fighting for the dignity, the privacy, and most importantly, the safety, of their daughters and their wives. And this is a battle they are unwilling to forfeit or lose, REGARDLESS of the legal penalties, or the division-politics labels the far-left will disingenuously throw at them.


Let me insert a caveat here by stating that I embrace the fact that the Lord has created every individual life for a reason and that every one of those lives is a unique and irreplaceable set of experiences. I sincerely do not wish emotional pain on anyone conflicted over which bathroom they should use, but these feelings of empathy take a distant second place to my desire to keep my 12 and four year-old daughters safe. For all of the far-left bluster about what these new bathroom rules are and aren’t, they cannot run, or hide, from the FACT that a man, with all of his male physiology intact, can claim on any given day that he identifies as a woman and follow my daughter into a bathroom.

Is there going to be an epidemic of episodes such as the one I just described? Probably not. But this does nothing to change the FACT that it can happen and the most disturbed predators among us now have a perfectly legal reason to engage in behavior that would have previously had them thrown in prison. Far-left activists will, assuredly, call this a “scare tactic” but, there is no amount of name-calling, or smoke-screen language intended to distract you, which can change the fact that what I’m telling you is the truth.

“Let this faux-movement of bathroom activists patronize businesses choosing this new approach to bathrooms and, if they’re correct, these businesses should do very well.”

To prove my point, when the far-left makes these “scare tactics” comments, ask the person making them if a grown, biological, physiological man, claiming to identify as a woman, is allowed in the bathroom with your daughter and tell them they cannot use the phrase, “That’s not going to happen.” Then watch them squirm and call you something that ends in “phobe.” They do this because they’ve got nothing else and the truth is not on their side.

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