Hypocritical Hawaii and Washington D.C. Refuse to Take in ‘Refugees’ Themselves

One of the most left-leaning states in our union is Hawaii. It is also one of the most hypocritical states in the US. You have heard this week about Hawaii’s “virtuous” stand. They oppose Trump’s so-called “travel ban,” which simply vets people from certain terror hot spots from entering the U.S. How noble of Hawaii, except they won’t take in refugees themselves.

In 2015, Hawaii accepted seven refugees as a matter of record, the Office of Refugee Resettlement reports. That is the recorded refugee acceptance for that year. There is only one other place which accepted fewer refugees; and that is the hypocritical District of Columbia (Washington D.C) with five refugees for the same period of time. Of the seven refugees the state of Hawaii accepted, one came from Ukraine, one from China and five from Burma. None of the refugees came from any terror-torn countries in the Middle East. Which means what Hawaii is doing now is what leftist’s world-wide do every day. They change and enforce the rules for everyone else but themselves.

This is their resettlement record. Yet Hawaii and Washington D.C still lead the legal challenge against the President’s new executive order on immigration. The State of Hawaii will certainly not have any major role when it comes to refugee relocation; the state, however, wants to play a major role in molding the immigration and resettlement policy through the legal process.

Hawaii wants everyone to know how much they care, except they don’t really care according to their own actions. Neither Hawaii nor Washington D.C has taken responsibility for refugees themselves. This, friend, is textbook liberalism at work. They will bully you and your state into taking in refugees, while they keep Hawaii refugee and migrant free. No migrants from the Middle East in Hawaii. Luckily for Hawaii, because of its geographical location and expensive cost of living, is inoculated from taking in refugees at all.  They’re safe from actually experiencing the ramifications of those same policies they’re endorsing.

The rules are for everyone else, especially the middle class and poor. They claim to champion refugees every two years, come election time. They have no understanding of the issues the lower 48 states has with the issue.

Incidentally, since Hawaii is surrounded by the PACIFIC OCEAN, they also have an easier time keeping illegal immigrants off their precious islands. In my view Hawaii is chock full of nuts, and I just don’t mean the macadamia kind. Hawaii have no right to bully the rest of us while insulating themselves. You want to lift the travel ban, but won’t take in refugees yourself? Let’s ship all the refugees to your state.

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