North Korean defector and former propaganda artist issues THIS urgent plea to President Trump (VIDEO)

Song Byeok former North Korean propaganda artist

Author’s note: To get an idea of what this man went through make sure to check out these photos smuggled out of North Korea.

A North Korean defector who was at one time a propaganda artist for the evil regime is calling on President Trump to use force to put an end to North Korea’s totalitarian government once and for all.

From The Daily Mail

A North Korean defector has called on President Donald Trump to help topple Kim Jong-un‘s regime by force.

Song Byeok, who worked as a propaganda artist before fleeing the brutal regime in 2002, told Mail Online that he believes conflict with the dictator is ‘unavoidable’.

But Mr Song, who now lives in South Korea, said that war on the Peninsula is a price worth paying in order to being peace and stability back to his home country.

With an ‘armada’ of US warships parked on North Korea’s doorstep, Mr Song called on America and other world leaders ‘to make a change so the North Korea people can be free.’

Byeok shared part of his story as a citizen of North Korea with the Daily Mail. Whatever you may feel about U.S. intervention after hearing his story you can at least under stand where he is coming from.

Here is one of the dissident pieces Mr. Byeok has created with a freedom his fellow countrymen can’t even conceive.

Kim Jong Un as Marilyn Monroe

This would surely get him the death penalty in North Korea, assuming he would’ve even had the chance to start it.

Through it all Byeok hopes the world will awaken to the nightmare of the communist dictatorship and remains optimistic about the future.

‘Every piece of my work is made for North Korean people to share my message to the world and I hope my works will contribute to topple the regime. I am sure the dictatorship will end within my lifetime.’

I am not so sure, but I most definitely share in Mr. Byeok’s hope.

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