A North Korean “ghost ship” ran ashore in Japan – WITH A GRISLY SECRET ABOARD

Korean ghost ships

A “ghost ship” bearing a North Korean military flag recently washed up on one of Japan’s northern shores, and on board was a sick discovery. Strangely, this isn’t the first time this has happened, and the reason why it is happening may rest at the feet of Kim Jong-un.

The latest incident was similar to a few other “ghost ship” incidents, in that the ship sailed under the tattered remains of a “Korean People’s Army” military flag. Other ships usually only carried markings that indicated it was part of dictator Kim Jong-un’s “People’s Army.” On board, however, was the same grisly cargo as other ghost ships: a number of dead bodies.

The boats themselves are not military craft, but older fishing ships that are barely seaworthy. The dead bodies have no military uniforms or markings.

The Express (UK) reports.

The flimsy fishing boats have been drifting across the sea of Japan for an unknown amount of time, but long enough to see their crew so decomposed it is almost impossible to determine a cause of death.

Haunting images and photos have emerged of the Japanese authorities hauling the decrepit, rusty wrecks from the ocean.

In terrible conditions and in varying states of decay, the eerie vessels still bear scraps of the North Korean flag they sailed under.

Faded writing on the hull identifying the ships as belonging to the ‘Korean People’s Army’, along with the remnants of the flags, are the only indication of where these ships came from.

And aboard the remains lie the corpses of the crew who are thought to have met their fate at sea.

Autopsies conducted on the bodies found some had been dead for months.

The ‘ghost-ships’ are becoming a regular occurrence along Japan’s west coast, roughly 648 miles from North Korea, but mystery surrounds why so many are turning up.

A theory to the origin of the Korean ghost ships

A disturbing theory as to why there are so many “Korean ghost ships” coming from the north involves Kim Jong-un himself. It is believed that some civilians – with no maritime experience – may be pressed into “military service” on fishing boats to go out and find fish to feed North Korea’s starving population. If true, Kim Jong-un is so desperate to find food that he is sending inexperienced people out to their deaths in an attempt to find it. It is thought the crew may have lost their way and died from exposure, starvation, or thirst.

The primitive vessels – none of which are fitted with GPS or any modern navigation tools – could have been manned by an inexperienced crew who were overwhelmed by the complexities of sailing on the open sea.

The hermit kingdom is known to struggle with feeding its population, with previous famines killing thousands of people.

Tyrannical leader Kim Jong-un is thought to have been putting pressure on the fishing industry to meet impossible quotas to help feed the starving millions, which could have seen ordinary folk sent out to sea.

The bodies of the crews, all in civilian clothes, could have tried their hand at sailing into deeper waters to try and bring in a catch to meet Kim Jong-un’s demands.

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