Nothing says crappy new year like this lecture about trans-breastfeeding discrimination


As 2015 draws to a close I know I can’t possibly be alone in wondering if society has officially turned the corner on sanity. I don’t mean it in the trite way that some people might do it by saying “the world is going to hell in a hand basket” when the Cleveland Browns win the Super Bowl in the same year Chicago Cubs win the World Series.

I mean we have truly done it this time… (emphasis added in bold is mine)

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Nursing parents are typically referred to as “nursing mothers” or “women who nurse.” How does that language affect people who don’t necessarily fit into those categories?…According to Trevor MacDonald, a transgender father who has nursed his two children, “I think what really surprises people are the numbers” of transgender people who nurse babies. “The general public doesn’t give a second thought to female-gendered language, because it doesn’t cross most people’s minds that anyone other than women could possibly nurse.

There are those who think, with astonishing and frightening arrogance, that the ability to “choose” a gender is a beacon of progress and medical objectivity in the 21st century because they think the forward motion of chronology begets progress by default. (if that were true we would’ve recognized the techonological advances post Roe v. Wade that prove beyond all doubt that a fetus isn’t the clump of cells that abortion zealots who oppose personhood say it is…if you need a less morbid example then just look at the fashion industry, pick any given decade and go forward from there).

These idiots belong in the dustbin with those who once thought draining people of their blood was the best way to cure disease (a practice still considered legitimate during the age of enlightenment, of all times). Trevor MacDonald is a woman in denial, and God willing one day in the future real progress will show that “transitioning” to another gender is this century’s equivalent of bleeding out diseased people.

…transphobia in birthing communities persists. Take, for instance, Women-Centered Midwifery, a group of gender-critical midwifes that recently issued an open letter to the Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA). The group expressed concern over the gender-neutral language being used by MANA, and expressed the antiquated belief that gender is tied to biology.

Their damaging statements included:

Human beings, like the majority of other mammals, are sexually dimorphic. i.e. there are two distinct biological sexes, female and male, with each having particular primary and secondary sex characteristics that allow us to make a distinction between the two. Sex is natural, biological and objectively factual.

Ahhhh yes…that sounded SO antiquated.


Describing something you disagree with but can’t substantively argue against as “antiquated” should be considered antiquated behavior for adults who seem to identify as trans-children Americans more than the grownups they should be.

This “antiquated” notion that gender and biology are mutually exclusive is what the transgender movement relies on to convince themselves and others that there is legitimacy, scientific and otherwise, to their position.

The separation of gender and biology is as illogical as it is observably false. There’s an episode of Orange is the New Black where a transgender inmate, Sophia, freaks out because the prison they’re in makes the decision to stop paying for the hormone therapy Sophia needs to carry on being a woman. The consequence of not receiving the pills, apparently, was that Sophia would start physically reverting back to a man (regrow facial hair, etc). Assuming the premise is grounded in reality, and there is no reason to believe it’s not, then that proves on a superficial level (to say nothing of the immutable state of a “transitioned” persons internal organs) that such “antiquated” notions, aren’t.

To say these things isn’t “transphobic.” Telling the truth is not indicative of a phobia anymore than it indicates hatred or lack of empathy. People should be able to make decisions regarding their own life, and they deserve decency that comes with actual tolerance.

That said, as far as society is concerned their feelings should end where the truth begins. If someone who “transitions” to a man is offended that people view breastfeeding as something only women do, the answer isn’t to ramrod change to what they view is an antiquated paradigm. The answer is that they should remember the mammary glands that allow them to breastfeed wouldn’t exist, along with their offense, if they were, in fact, literally a man.

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