TRIGGERED! Notre Dame Students Plan to Protest Pence at Commencement

Notre Dame commencement protest

Vice President Mike Pence, the former Indiana governor, will be the commencement speaker at the University of Notre Dame this weekend.

He will be the first vice president to give a commencement address at Notre Dame and will receive an honorary degree.

This is a great honor for the graduates of Notre Dame, but some will protest the speech.

CNN gleefully reports that some ND students have organized a silent walkout during his speech and about 75 people are expected to participate.

Pence is attacking vulnerable people.

Student Luis Miranda, a co-organizer of the event, feels that Pence is targeting “vulnerable people” like some of his family members who are here illegally. Miranda rationalizes the protest by tying the protest to the Catholic university’s views against marginalizing the poor and underserved.

Miranda, rather than promote paths to legal citizenship, will instead celebrate earning his $40,000 per year degree by protesting the VPOTUS for enforcing the law of the land.

It is ironic that students graduating from a prestigious law school are protesting the VPOTUS…for enforcing the law. Personally, as a parent, I would want my money back. But I digress.

Irony aside, things are done differently here in the Midwest.

Unlike the violent protests at University of California, Berkeley in the past, where the Mayor actually sanctioned violence against Trump supporters, the ND administration is not concerned.

Thunderstorms are a bigger threat.

“Paul Browne, a spokesperson for Notre Dame, said walkout organizers reached out to police and administrators ahead of time to plan the quiet proceedings.

“We’re not concerned,” Browne said. “We think they will be respectful in the way they express their differences with the administration.”

Browne said officials were more concerned with the potential for thunderstorms on Sunday, which could force them to move the commencement from the spacious outdoor football stadium to a smaller arena.”

In America, we are blessed with the opportunity to protest. This is what separates America from many other countries. An individual being able to express his or her political views is an important American value.

However, we live in a day where the 75 students of the Notre Dame commencement protest will be the lead story for many news outlets. All of the other students not protesting, who chose to show the Vice President common courtesy, will not be covered.

In this case, law school graduates will be protesting a man who stands for enforcing the law. That is their rather ironic choice, but it is legal. Violent protests where law enforcement officials stand down, rather than protect victims of violence in the name of politics is the stuff of communism and true fascism.

So, while law school graduates stage the most ironic protest this week, the VPOTUS will proceed with his speech, and with the agenda given to him by the American voters. This is also how America works.

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