Oakland A’s Rookie Kneels During National Anthem, Slams President Trump on Twitter

Bruce Maxwell

On Saturday night, a member of the Oakland Athletics became the first major league baseball player to kneel during the National Anthem to protest “racial inequality.”

The player, Bruce Maxwell, is a rookie catcher for the A’s, and took a knee on the field as his team lined up for the National Anthem. The A’s were at home in Oakland Coliseum for a game against the Texas Rangers.

Maxwell, who is black, was joined in the protest by teammate Mark Canha, who placed his hand on Maxwell’s shoulder, but did not kneel.

Earlier in the day, Maxwell took to Twitter to blast President Trump on his player protest comments. “Yeah I bet he doesn’t step to @Kaepernick7 in person and call him and the other protesters a ‘son of a bitch.’ Ignorance from our Pres,” he tweeted. A second tweet then said “Inequality is being displayed bigger than ever right now as our president shows that freeedom (sp) of protest and speech is not allowed.”

Maxwell also retweeted a number of athletes and Twitter users who were also criticizing the President. He also retweeted Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King.

Maxwell’s father is a former soldier, and Maxwell himself was born in Germany while his father was stationed there.

Bruce Maxwell

It appears Maxwell informed the team ahead of time that he would be protesting the anthem, as the Oakland A’s tweeted their support for Maxwell’s protest as it happened.

The protest by Maxwell comes as a number of professional basketball players spoke out against President Trump, including members of the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors, who had publicly stated they would not go to the White House for a ceremonial visit. In response, President Trump rescinded his invitation to them. That sparked a backlash from superstar LeBron James, who called President Trump a “bum” on Twitter.

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