Obamas cancel Melania/Michelle photo opp, but see how the Bushes treated THEM in 2008!


Things apparently got awkward at the White House Thursday between Melania Trump and Michelle Obama. Why else did America not get the chance to see them together?

We’ve now discovered that not only did the Obamas cancel any public view of their meeting (despite their denial), they refused to follow the example of unity and grace shown to them by outgoing President George W. Bush. We have the photographic proof.

When Donald Trump visited the White House Thursday, an expected photo opp between the current and future first families was never held. The only glimpse America saw were brief statements that Trump and Obama gave to the White House press pool.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest denied that any photo opp was originally scheduled, and claimed that such photo opps are not traditionally held.

Yahoo News, however, called them out on this lie. Even though they were blatantly slanted in their criticism of Trump before the election, Yahoo News pointed out that a photo opp was in fact planned, and is usually part of the transition of power.

Meanwhile, as is tradition, first lady Michelle Obama and future first lady Melania Trump met to take a tour of the White House.

They were expected to follow tradition and have tea in the private quarters of the White House, though no cameras were allowed to follow along.

Going somewhat against tradition, however, was President Obama’s decision to cancel a photo op with the two couples that was scheduled to take place on the White House lawn.

The Obamas posed for one such photo alongside George and Laura Bush in 2008. No reason was given for the cancellation. 

Even though Michelle Obama denied America the chance to be seen with Melania Trump, that’s NOT how she was treated by Laura Bush when Barack Obama won the election in 2008.

George and Laura Bush welcomed the Obamas to the White House with open arms, despite Obama running on a platform critical of the Bush era and promising to undo all that Bush had done. There were – WAIT FOR IT – photo opps aplenty, including Laura Bush and Michelle Obama spending time together and talking at White House. Here are the pics to prove it.



As these official White House photos show, the Bushes went out of their way to welcome the Obamas and show unity during the transfer of power. It seems, however, that the Obamas cannot do the same.

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