Obama Gives President Elect Trump Advice

Remember when in response to working with the republican Congress Obama said “I’ve got a pen and a phone, if they won’t work with me I will do it myself” President Obama may be regretting some things because he apparently just gave President Elect Trump advice.  It sounds like the most ironic advice of the year. Maybe President Barack Obama has finally learned something from his eight-year stint in the White House. In an interview with NPR this weekend, Obama said he would advise Donald Trump not to rely too heavily on executive actions.

“My suggestion to the president-elect is, you know, going through the legislative process is always better, in part because it’s harder to undo,” said Obama.

That’s apparently something that has only occurred to the president recently; up till now, he was hoping against hope that Hillary Clinton would follow him into the White House with a Democrat-controlled Senate at her back. Together, they would crystallize Obama’s executive orders into law through immigration reform, gun control legislation, and all the rest of the fundamental change Obama had in mind. Now he’s finally realizing that his agenda is going to be torn to shreds.

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In an interview, Obama said he was prepared to mourn the loss of his pet actions.

“If he wants to reverse some of those rules, that’s part of the Democratic process,” he said. “That’s, you know, why I tell people to vote because it turns out elections mean something.”

A top Republican National Committee (RNC) official says it’s “ironic” that President Obama is advising President-elect Donald Trump against using executive orders to advance his agenda.

“It’s a bit ironic,” RNC communications director Sean Spicer told Fox News’s Bill Hemmer on “America’s Newsroom” Wednesday. “But in some ways, though, well-taken. President-elect Donald Trump is going to make sure he does that.”

Spicer said Trump would not hesitate to use executive power to reverse Obama’s own actions and implement his own.

We will now have a White House who actually respects the “democratic process” that Obama is talking about. Liberals are busy calling Trump a fascist; even though they don’t know what the word fascist means.  In their minds, a fascist is a conservative leader who colors outside the lines of political norms. A fascist is someone who stands up to the top-down statist liberal progressivism that has infected this country. A fascist is someone who wants to put the United States first. Hello – no that is not the meaning of the word fascist. Fascism is a way of thinking where one body or group must be controlled by the government with absolute force. There’s no option to vote, no chance to impeach a leader, and no freedom to stand up against the governing body. Sounds a lot like  when Obama said “I’ve got a pen and a phone to do what I want” Obama’s actual fascism at work was his reign via Executive Order. Over the last eight years, he has run roughshod over a Congress paralyzed with fear and incompetence. That’s why it’s going to be extremely easy for Trump to undo much of what’s been done. Obama just said it and it was done. That worked for as long as Democrats could keep control of the White House, but his time is ran out.



h/t Patriot News Daily, The Hill


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