Obama henchman compares Long VA hospital wait times waiting in line at Disneyland

This is just too outrageous to believe. There should be a law dictating that when government officials show the kind of obliviousness to reality that Obama’s VA Secretary shows that they should be forced to live under the conditions they callously write off.

Instead of getting medical attention on his timetable, Bob McDonald should have to wait as long as the veterans he virtually victimizes with the following statements:

Veterans Affairs Secretary Bob McDonald does not think that measuring the number of days it takes for a veteran to receive a medical appointment is a valid assessment of success for the Obama administration’s VA.

“To me personally, the day to an appointment is really not what we should be measuring, what we should be measuring is the veterans satisfaction,” he said.

To illustrate his point, he cited the long lines at Disney theme parks.

“When you go to Disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line or what’s important?” he said. “What’s important is: What’s your satisfaction with the experience.”

What!?! Who in their right mind would think that people who pay hundreds and thousands of dollars of just to enter Disneyland (then there’s food, and if you traveled there’s the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for that) would rate their experience as a “satisfactory” (forget “good”) after waiting in lines for such a long time that they only got to go on a precious few rides instead of having the full Disney experience?

What else is there other than the attractions. As someone who has held passes to Disneyland for almost a decade now there is nothing else. It’s not the food (which is usually so so to terrible) or the $500+/night hotel stay.

Waiting in line for too much time isn’t isn’t everything, ITS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS! That’s to say nothing of the fact that waiting in line at a theme park DOESN’T EVEN COMPARE in the first place to the life and death matters VA patients face.

Secretary McDonald is an idiot, and it actually gets worse from there.

He argued that the 14 days to an appointment promise was “irrelevant” to the administration, which helped cause problems by some veterans hospitals falsifying the numbers.


WOW!!! Talk about blaming the victim!

Let’s put it this way, when it comes to discerning between the character of our nation’s veterans and that of the government or any administration (but especially Obama’s) who should we believe is “falsifying” anything here?

That’s a trick question, by the way.

He refused to make the appointment wait times numbers public, arguing that it was not a suitable measure for success.

“Maybe it’s because we don’t think it’s valid,” he said. “We want to validate every measure that we have before we give it to you to then write articles about criticizing us for that measure not being valid.”

Well, first off if the wait times is irrelevant then why not make them known. Second the VA is part of the government, and the government belongs to the people, so that information isn’t his to withhold and he should release it.

Our veterans deserve better, we all do.

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