Obama: Hillary Clinton losing the election is a “NATIONAL EMERGENCY”

Russian sanctions

Russian sanctions

Stop the presses! Hillary Clinton lost the election, and President Obama thinks it is a national emergency!

That’s not a joke. President Obama actually thinks Clinton’s loss is a threat to democracy. So much so, in fact, he has issued sanctions against Russia. What was their crime? Exposing Hillary’s corruption and the rigged Democratic primaries.

In his announcement of Russian sanctions today, President Obama said “I, Barack Obama, President of the United States, in order to take additional steps to deal with the national emergency with respect to significant cyber-enabled activities …to undermine democratic processes or institutions, hereby order.” He then listed dozens of Russian diplomats for expulsion for their ties to hacking. He also announced the closure of two Russian compounds.

Many find Obama’s use of the term “national emergency” outrageous and a little pathetic. Consider, the Russian hacking scandal never compromised the actual vote total, but merely revealed the dirty secrets of Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

Remember, President Obama has done little to address the cyber attacks by China, which have stolen state and military secrets. China has also hacked major American corporations and taken protected intellectual property. All with no response from Obama. When Democrats lose, however, all hell breaks loose.

Here is a tweet from journalist Jim Roberts, noting the use of the term by Obama.

That triggered this great response.


One wonders exactly what President Obama would have done if Hillary had won the election.

What do you think about the Russian sanctions and President Obama’s statement? Let us know in the comments!

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