Obama in FULL PANIC MODE After This Old Video From 2009 Just Re-Surfaced


Ever since Donald J. Trump began his campaign for President of the United States, a key issue for everyone has been illegal immigration. The anti-Trump crowd no doubt portrayed him as a “racist” and as hating all Mexicans, but after this 2009 video of Barack Obama speaking on illegal immigration just resurfaced, the Dems have been left with some pretty bad egg on their faces.

We all know that this country was built by immigrants—we’ve heard this talking point a thousand times. What matters is that they were LEGAL immigrants, who came here wanting to contribute to the country. They were more than willing to wait and put in the hard work that it takes to become a citizen here in this great nation.

Democrats completely ignore this, though. They make it seem like an illegal immigrant who comes here for the benefits is somehow instantly entitled to this country…but they’re not! One of the worst proponents of this mentality was Obama, especially during President Trump’s campaign.

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Funny enough however, after Obama was just caught speaking out against illegal immigrants in 2009, many liberals have been engaged in total panic mode. Contrary to popular belief, their lord and savior, Barack Hussein Obama, did NOT support illegal immigration when he was President!

The speech goes:

“This is not gonna be a free ride. This is not gonna be some instant amnesty.

What’s gonna happen is you are gonna pay a significant fine. You are going to learn English. You are going to—you are going to go do the back of the line, so that you don’t get ahead of somebody who was in Mexico City applying legally.

BUT, after you’ve done these things over a certain period of time, you can earn your citizenship. So then it’s not…it’s not something that is guaranteed or automatic. You’ve got to earn it, but over time you give people an opportunity.

Now—it only works though if you do all the pieces. I think that the American people, they appreciate and believe in immigration, but they can’t have a situation where you just have half a million people pouring over the border without any kind of mechanism to control it.

So, we’ve got to deal with that at the same time as we deal in a humane fashion, with folks who have put down roots here, have become our neighbors, have become our friends, they may have children that are US citizens. That’s the kind of comprehensive approach that we have to take.

Hold on a second…did Obama just say that immigrants should have to learn English, and that we can’t have half a million illegal immigrants pouring in over the border? Isn’t that EXACTLY the same thing that President Trump is trying to do? Isn’t that EXACTLY what #BuildingTheWall is meant to accomplish?

Of course it is! This video proves liberals wrong, and they KNOW IT which is why they absolutely hate this video. Like it or not, every politician with half a brain (even Obummer) knows that we CANNOT have millions of illegal immigrants pouring over the border. It’s just not sustainable—and we won’t have it!

If you think it’s HILARIOUS that Obama is saying the same things as President Trump did on illegal immigration, please give this video a share! Thank you and God bless President Trump!

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