BOMBSHELL: Obama Officials Caught HACKING Supreme Court Justice – WE HAVE IT ON RECORDING!

Obama NSA Surveillance

Ever since his first term in office, Obama has slowly expanded the reach of the Executive branch, FAR beyond what the founding fathers had intended it to be.

He started by making rulings regarding religion, then progressed into executive orders about “unofficial wars,” but now, new evidence is coming out that is absolutely disgusting.

It turns out that Trump wasn’t lying, as the mainstream media accused him of, when he said that Obama had wire tapped him—a large amount of evidence has been rushing to the surface, mainly through WikiLeaks, that shows the extent of Obama’s surveillance programs.

Under President Obama, the NSA grew exponentially—what started off as a relatively small unit dedicated to gathering information and to protecting us from domestic terrorists, grew into a tyrannical bureaucracy hellbent on surveilling every American citizen.

As if this wasn’t bad enough, it’s recently been revealed that Obama went even FURTHER in his pursuit of an Orwellian government, by spying on other branches of the government. Many political opponents, such as Ron Paul, have been saying this for years…and now, we have the proof.

When the Executive branch of government spies on the other branches, that effectively removes the checks and balances that are so incredibly important to maintaining a free democracy. If everyone in the government knows that Obama is spying on them, and that he could release their personal information at any moment, very few will have the courage to speak out against him.

Despite this gigantic breach of our rights, Americans have NOT backed down. Our wills are strong, and our hearts are filled with courage—we will not be silenced. More and more anonymous users have been leaking proof of the Obama administration’s illegal surveillance programs, and it turns out we just got a smoking gun.

Previously released tapes, which were verified by WikiLeaks’ Vault 7 team, definitively prove that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts was hacked. This information comes from the 18:22 mark on this tape, where Blixseth says:

“John Roberts, the chief justice of the Supreme Court, was hacked.”

The hackers, Brennan and Clapper, were no doubt in coordination with the Obama administration, as this was recorded in 2009. The man speaking, Timothy Blixseth, is a real estate billionaire known for his shady deals with government organizations. He no doubt had access to classified CIA and NSA information.

Big League Politics reports:

“Tapes released by Federal Judge G. Murray Snow—preserved on a Whistleblower Soundcloud page—show real estate billionaire Timothy Blixseth explaining Brennan and Clapper’s surveillance program to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and detective Mike Zullo.”

“The existence of this surveillance program has been corroborated by Wikileaks’ Vault 7 release and by the public comments of former CIA and NSA contractor Dennis Montgomery, who says he worked on the program for Brennan and Clapper.”

In addition to this smoking gun, we also have it on audio that Donald Trump was recorded. Blixseth said the following in regards to Donald Trump:

“This guy showed me 900 million phone calls, and I see myself in there.  I see people I know. I see Donald Trump in there a zillion times, and Bloomberg is in there.”

Now that we have definitive proof of the Obama administration ILLEGALLY hacking government officials, it’s time for justice to be served. The people must pressure Donald Trump to fulfill his campaign promises, and throw these evil globalists in jail.

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