When Obama Official Samantha Power Attacks Trump On Saudi Deal, Twitter Reacts

Samantha Power

Political officials change their minds on issues and ideological positions on a regular basis, but social media’s memory lives on forever. When a Obama official Samantha Power took to Twitter to attack President Trump. Twitter reacted with facts, and a walk down memory lane.

After the now-concluded trip, Sean Spicer announced that President Donald Trump and Saudi Arabia signed a $110 billion arms deal.

Samantha Power, President Obama’s former ambassador to the United Nations, took to Twitter to slam President Trump.

However it seems as though Power ‘forgot” once you post something on social media it is there forever.  Her previous boss made a similar deal with Saudi Arabia. I’m talking about then President Obama’s 2016 $115 billion arms and military training offer to the Saudis. Twitter, unsurprisingly, hasn’t forgotten about it.

Author Khalid Saleh suggested that Power’s attempt to “take the high road” was a bit disingenuous and hypocritical. His tweet, which has since been deleted, read:

Another twitter follower “Mr. Shammeri” also responded, echoing Saleh’s comments and pointing to the $115 billion:

As did this Saudi Persian Gulf commentator, terrorism analyst, and investigative reporter Ali Al Ahmed tweeted to Power that she and the Obama administration were “personally responsible” for the war in Yemen.
Yikes! I’m sure Power was speechless.
We all know and have seen hypocrisy at all levels of the Democrat party. In fact numerous Democrats not only denied that Obama bowed before Saudi King Salman during a 2009 visit to the Arab nation, they vociferously defended him against those who insisted he did. This is just another example of how the left likes to rewrite history. Perhaps this is why most Democrats leave politics to enter academia. Samantha J Power a former Obama administration ambassador is now a Harvard University professor.



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