Obama Searches for What is ‘Best About America,’ Selects National Anthem Protester

Chris long

Former President Barack Obama is looking for “good stories” to close out 2017, in what he is describing as an effort to “remind us what’s best about America.”

One of his choices includes an NFL football player who was the first white man to kneel in protest during the National Anthem.

Friday morning, President Obama bought into the mainstream media narrative that everything is terrible right now – a subtle dig at President Donald Trump, who is often blamed by Democrats for creating a divisive atmosphere. Obama cited the “bad news that seemed to dominate our collective consciousness” and wanted to change the tone.

As part of his effort, he has begun tweeting out “good stories” that he says will show what is “best about America.”

Here is President Obama’s initial tweet.

As an example of the “best about America,” he chose to highlight Chris Long, an NFL player with the Philadelphia Eagles. While President Obama discusses Long’s donation of his salary to educational projects, Long is best known for being the first white player to protest the National Anthem.

Long had initially refused to kneel during the anthem, but changed his mind after President Trump criticized the players, and after the events in Charlottesville, North Carolina. At that time, Antifa members and civil rights protesters clashed with Confederate monument supporters. White supremacists also attended the protests, and one drove his car through a crowd, killing a woman. President Trump was highly criticized by the political left when he defended the monument supporters, and said there were good and bad people on both sides of the issue.

Long also criticized the President at the time, and has also made a number of statements against the President. In January, when he was a member of the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, he refused to go to the White House for the traditional visit with the team, in protest of President Trump.

Liberal website Think Progress detailed Long’s reasoning to finally protest the anthem.

“I’ve said before that I’ll never kneel for an anthem because the flag means something different for everybody in this country, but I support my peers,” Long added. “If you don’t see why you need allies for people that are fighting for equality right now, I don’t think you’ll ever see it… Malcolm is a leader and I’m here to show support as a white athlete.”

While Obama chose to highlight an anthem protester, he failed to point out another NFL player, J.J. Watt, who raised nearly $40 million in donations to help hurricane victims in Texas. Watt does not protest the anthem.

Long is the son of NFL Legend and Fox Sports broadcaster Howie Long.

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