Socialist Hypocrite: Check Out Obama’s Payday For One Lousy Speech

Barack Obama thinks there should be limits to a person’s income, but probably not his own.

It’s not news that former presidents, such as Barack Obama, often go on have a lucrative career as event speakers. That’s where the real money they make in their lives comes from. Bill Clinton was supposedly in a heap of debt when he left office in 2001 (Hillary said they were “dead broke,” but that was mostly false). Thanks to speaking engagements for Bill (and now Hillary, no doubt) they make enough to pay their bills and establish a nice little slush fund for mistress hush money (whether or not it’s Bill’s or Hill’s mistresses is anyone’s guess).

The point is this: It pays to be a former politician, especially if you’re one of the select few in history to be elected president. It’s something we should just accept, except when you’re a socialist hypocrite. Remember when Obama lectured the country about how there’s a point at which people make enough money? While that might just sound like red meat for the Elizabeth Warren crowd, he probably really believe in it, for peons such as me an you.

For himself? Well, he just gave one speech that equaled a year’s pay as president.

From The Hill, (emphasis added is mine):

Former President Barack Obama reportedly made $400,000 for an appearance and interview last week at an A&E Networks advertising event.

Here’s my most favorite part of the entire article, it came early on:

The former president

That’s it, now on to the rest…

was interviewed at The Pierre Hotel in Midtown Manhattan by presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, The New York Post reported. The “History Makers” event, which lasted 90 minutes, was conducted in front of the cable network’s advertisers and hosted by A&E chief Nancy Dubac.

During the event, the former president was asked what he missed most about the White House and how he dealt with frustrating moments when he was president.

“For starters, by not having a Twitter account,” Obama reportedly quipped in response.

Yeah, you mean THIS Twitter account.

obama twitter account since march 2007

Not only does he have a Twitter account, but he started it a full 2 years before Trump started his in March of 2009.

Of course, The Hill reports the “quip” without correction. Too bad there isn’t a current sitting president who shall remain nameless that gets afforded the same courtesy of the leftist lapdog media.

So, in addition to telling bald-faced lies what else did A&E get for the $400K they paid Obama?

Not much.

A source who attended told the Post that Obama said he missed sitting on the Truman Balcony of the White House in the summer and looking upon the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial.

He also told the audience about his transition back into civilian life, saying he still hasn’t driven a car and is learning how to use the coffee machine in his new D.C. home.

Wow. So riveting.

Never has the expression “giving my two cents” been more literal. Looks like A&E deserves a refund in the amount of $399,999.98.

Should Obama really be paid $400,000 for the sound if his voice? Let us know in the comments below, and in addition, share this on social media.

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