Obama’s Vacation Expenses Just Set An ALL TIME RECORD – Paid For By You The Taxpayer

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Millions of conservative Americans have been furious at Obama’s extravagant vacations, which have ended up costing tax payers inordinate amounts of money. A new report was just released, however, showing that Obama’s tax burden may be much higher than we’d originally thought.

Americans typically have no problem footing the bill for ex-presidents and their secret service bills—many still want to assassinate them, after all. What conservatives have a problem with, however, is when presidents use their access to US tax dollars to have luxurious vacations, and completely milk the system.

What’s even worse, is that Obama has spent millions of dollars in tax payer funds, flying into pro-Hillary rallies and furthering his liberal agenda. While leftists are gleeful over this abuse of American tax money, conservatives are beginning to grow furious with how much we’re spending on old Barry.

Daily Mail reports that the total travel bill has just soared up into nine figures, after Judicial Watch, a right-leaning nonprofit compiled government information revealing the truth about Obama’s expenditures.

Taxpayers spent more than $105 million on travel for former President Barack Obama and his family during his eight years in office.

That stunning tabulation comes from Judicial Watch, a conservative-leaning watchdog nonprofit that compiled government records from the White House, the U.S. military and the Secret Service.

The group’s latest cache of records includes documentation of $271,467 in travel, hotel, car rental and equipment costs related to the former president’s appearance at a single Florida campaign rally for then-candidate Hillary Clinton in October 2016.

Obama also racked up $195,855 in travel expenses during a trip to Los Angeles that same month that included two political fundraisers and an appearance on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live.’

Many conservatives are inquiring why Obama would use tax payer money to fly to a fundraiser for his own political agenda. Shouldn’t that be something that the DNC has to foot, rather than the American tax payers? Many conservatives are outraged at this seeming abuse of power.

It’s not just the fundraisers that Obama has been going to that are racking up costs, however. He’s also notorious for flying to extravagant locations, such as Hawaii, Martha’s Vineyard, and other resorts—while bringing his entire Secret Service along with him and treating them to the works.

In August 2016 the Obama family vacationed on Martha’s Vineyard at a cost of more than $2.68 million.

That number included $2.5 million in lodging for the Obamas, their staff and entourage, and their secret service detail.

The U.S. Treasury felt a similar pinch when the first family took their last taxpayer-subsidized journey to Hawaii during December 2016 and January 2017.

As Obama was filling out his last weeks in office, Secret Service spent $1.76 million on hotels in the Aloha State, and another $96,600 on rental cars.

While President Trump has certainly used tax payer money to fund his own vacations, he has a far larger family than Obama, and has received far more assassination threats than the former democratic president.

Even with these facts included, however, at President Trump’s current rate he will not even reach a third of Obama’s $105 million by the end of his first term. This is a case of power abuse, plain and simple—the American citizens should not be forced to pay for such ridiculous vacations, especially when Obama got us so deep into debt in the first place.

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