OCTOBER SURPRISE: NBC held Trump scandal tape to save sinking Hillary

Trump scandal


Did NBC plan an October Surprise for Donald Trump? That appears to be the case, as Fox News is reporting that Billy Bush bragged to colleagues about having a damning tape about Donald Trump earlier this summer, during NBC’s coverage of the Olympics.

The Washington Post reports that higher-ups at NBC learned of the tape October 3, but waited to release it. The tape, which shows Trump making lewd comments to Billy Bush in an interview for Access Hollywood, did not go public until someone at NBC leaked it to the Washington Post. Bush was suspended from his work at The Today Show after the tape was released.

It appears Bush had no intention of telling his bosses at NBC about the tape, which is why he is in such trouble now. NBC executives began searching for the tape only after hearing about it from people Bush told about it. So why not release it once they had it?

We now know that producers at The Apprentice and NBC knew of the tape’s existence, and may be holding back even more revelations. The timing of the tape’s release – right before a Presidential debate – causes many to suspect NBC wanted to hold it until Hillary Clinton needed it. Remember, before the tape was released, Hillary had received no significant bump from the first debate, and Trump was closing the gap in many polls, while leading in others.

The release of the Trump scandal tape also comes just as new Wikileaks revelations about Hillary Clinton and her campaign came to light. Since the Trump tape was released, coverage of the Wikileaks story has been nearly non-existent.



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