IT’S OFFICIAL: California is Now a “Sanctuary State”

california sanctuary state

California has been trying for almost a year to become a “sanctuary state” in response to President Trump’s pro-American policies. Unfortunately, this liberal dream of theirs is no longer fiction—after Governor Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 54 into action, it became a reality.

One of the largest issues pressing Americans today is illegal immigration. Years of lax border policies by the Obama administration has led to an estimated 10-14 million illegal immigrants living in this country, with many of them collecting welfare and devaluing the U.S. Dollar.

President Trump was elected in direct response to this, and ending amnesty, deporting illegal immigrants, and building a wall, among other things, were major contributing factors to his winning the presidency. Everything that he fought for may now be in jeopardy however, after the rogue state California has declared themselves exempt from federal law.

Senate Bill 54, the “Sanctuary State Bill” as it’s being called, will go into effect early next year and will prohibit local law enforcement from cooperating with ICE. Millions of Americans have already erupted in outrage, with the main concern being California’s refusal to cooperate with federal officials.

Breitbart reports:

California officially became a sanctuary state for illegal aliens on Thursday with the stroke of Gov. Jerry Brown’s pen.

Senate Bill 54 will go into effect in January 2018. Brown signed the bill entitled the “California Values Act” and released a signing statement. Brown explained what the bill does and does not do.

The bill prohibits local law enforcement from asking about immigration status in the course of routine interactions and prohibits them from complying with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer requests.

“The bill further directs our Attorney General to promulgate model policies for local and state health, education, labor and judiciary officials to follow when they deal with immigration matters,” wrote Brown.

“This bill does not prevent or prohibit Immigration and Customs Enforcement or the Department of Homeland Security from doing their own work in any way,” said Brown in the signing letter.

According to Brown, “The bill does not prohibit sheriffs from granting immigration authorities access to California jails to conduct routine interviews, nor does it prevent cooperation in deportation proceedings for anyone in state prison or for those in local jails for any of the hundreds of serious offenses listed in the TRUST Act.”

Still, many Americans are suspicious of the bill. Often times legislators will sneak a seemingly mild bill into action as a way to get their foot in the door, and will then inevitably follow up with more extreme bills. We’ve seen this with gun control, with abortion, with healthcare, and nearly other major issue concerning our country today.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders harshly criticized the bill on Thursday’s press briefing, urging Californians to “push back on their Governor’s irresponsible decision.” Despite California being a blue state, geographically it has a majority of red—so this may not be too far fetched.

Brown also signed several other immigration related bills with the “Sanctuary State Bill,” including AB 21, AB 291, and AB 299. The bills which he signed into action will provide health coverage for illegal aliens, drivers licenses for illegal aliens, and financial aid for illegal aliens. It’s really making Americans wonder who’s side he’s on.

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