BREAKING: New Revelation By Sheriff Changes Vegas Shooting Narrative and Timeline

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After the Las Vegas Massacre took place last week, millions of Americans have begun questioning the official narrative. The logistics in play, videos released, and several witnesses seem to contradict the mainstream story—and now, officials are claiming something even more ridiculous than before.

According to officials, the story is that Stephen Paddock was a completely normal 64 year old man, who one day just snapped and decided to carry 30+ assault rifles up to his hotel room, thousands of rounds along with them, and then spray bullets down into a crowd below. The evidence however, suggests otherwise.

Silence is Consent has already reported that numerous experts have been debunking the mainstream story—from investigative journalists such as Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson, to former Navy Seals and Army Rangers, to even witnesses that were at the shooting. One woman called onto the Michael Savage Radio Show, and claimed that she heard more than one shooter.

Craig Sawyer, top ballistics expert and former Navy Seal leader, is confident that there were multiple shooters involved in the Las Vegas Massacre. A federal criminal investigator with a slew of his own high level sources, Sawyer believes that although the echoes may be present, there’s definitely more than one shooter.

“I will get this caveat out there and it’s very important to be accurate,” he said. “Echoes are very confusing and hearing anything through a microphone is confusing, [but] even though you’re listening to the echoes and even though you’re listening to it after the fact through a microphone…it’s still apparent there was more than one shooter.”

Info Wars reports that he also pointed out the lack of footage of this alleged shooting. Las Vegas hotels and casinos are perhaps the most heavily surveilled locations on the planet, and yet for some reason officials have refused to release any footage—could it be that they’re hiding something?

Now, officials have backtracked even farther, and are claiming that security guard Jesus Campos who was first on the scene when the shooting took place, was shot six minutes BEFORE Paddock open fired onto the country music concert, killing 58 and injuring hundreds more.

Previously, they’d claimed that Campos was shot at 10:18 p.m. which was a full three minutes after the shooting ended. Now however, they’re claiming that Paddock shot Campos at 9:59 p.m., a full six minutes before the shooting even occurred. Watch the video below:

Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo, high ranking official in this investigation, announced that there were over 200 bullet casings in the hallway, and that Campos was lucky to be alive. I’m no expert, but out of 200 rounds fired at a single security guard, don’t you think that would kill him?

As more evidence comes out, more Americans are growing suspicious and have postulated all manner of crazy and not-so-crazy conspiracy theories. Some think this is a false flag conducted by our own government to push for further gun control, while others think Paddock was a patsy for some more sinister deep state plot.

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