Omar Mateen’s wife knew his plan to attack Pulse, and how that may undercut the new liberal narrative aimed at gun control

So, Omar Mateen’s wife apparently had knowledge of his plans and let him execute them without alerting authorities (obviously). If the man was the psychopath others who knew him say he is then I could see why his wife wouldn’t come forward. Then again, she may not have said anything because she actually agreed with it, and is being deceptive now.

Orlando gunman Omar Mateen’s wife, Noor Salman, has told the FBI that she drove Mateen to the Pulse nightclub on a prior occasion but that she tried to talk him out of the attack, officials told NBC News.

Several officials familiar with what she has told the FBI said she was with him when he bought ammunition and a holster. She also once drove him to the nightclub because he wanted to see it in advance, the officials said…

Law enforcement officials said authorities are considering filing criminal charges against Salman for failing to tell them what she knew before the attack, but no decision has been made.

I guess law enforcement will sort this out, but I think she should face justice for basically sitting on her hands while knowing blood was about to be spilled. That said, there’s a whole other aspect of this revelation that should be considered.

If she was driving him to the nightclub to scope it out “in advance” of the attack doesn’t that undercut this new narrative the left is pushing that he was a closeted homosexual who actually hung out there and picked up on men?

He wouldn’t need to do any drive-by if he already knew where it was and what the lay of the land would be.

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