Oops: Los Angeles rally for Hillary last one minute before she’s forced to flee hecklers

I forgot about how Obama and Hillary Clinton tried to force a dictatorship on Honduras at the very beginning of his presidency until seeing this story from The Independent Sentinel:

Hillary Clinton isn’t beloved, especially not in East LA where her support for the ousted Honduran dictator hasn’t gone over well. She fled a rally there after only a minute as the crowd screamed that she was responsible for thousands of deaths in Honduras.

President Obama was barely in office when Honduran President José Manuel Zelaya tried to install a dictatorship. The military ousted him when he tried to amend the constitution to allow for his Chavez-style presidency without end. Zelaya, a communist, responded to the ouster by hiring U.S. lobbyists.

Obama and Hillary then went on a mission of verbally bullying Hondurans to force them into putting Zelaya back into office. Fortunately, the Hondurans stood up for their freedoms though they were bullied enough to allow Zelaya to live in Honduras…

Hillary should bear some of the blame.

Here’s a fun little video of how the chat went…

Wow. In LA of all places…

I’m guessing these are Bernie people (ironically, opposing one commie in Zelaya, for one that brings the “Bern”). Multiply this anger by the millions and it doesn’t take much to realize that the Democrats are going to have MAJOR problems with Hillary as their nominee as well. The so-called “Cruzbots” who are speculated to vex the Trump campaign are nothing compared to Bernie Sanders supporters.

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